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How do you feel when you look at your website development? Are you getting the results you were promised? Or is it time to accept that your website needs help. Acceptance is the first step?but now what?

Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and, like with any evolution, there are those who respond to this progress and those who will drag their feet into extinction. To ?keep up with the Joneses?, you really need to be evaluating your website every 18?24 months and your online presence even more frequently than that.

Is your website boosting your business like it should be or is it failing and costing you leads?

To know where your website stands, make sure you?re not making any of these 10 website mistakes that cost even the best businesses.

1. You Don?t Have a Blog

Blog? Anything and everything that you write, photograph, record or design will hold value to your visitors. Having a blog is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to distribute your work and thoughts so that your visitors can view and share it. This is also your platform to advance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), become a market leader, expert and add substance to your social media presence.

2.? Non-Existent Content Strategy

Your content predominately lives on your blog, are you creating this content with a fully-focused, repeatable approach?

Just posting your content is one thing, however consistently posting with purpose is another. The first thing I would recommend is to know your target audience, buyer persona, your brand?s voice, your SEO objectives and your distribution channels in order to craft compelling, fresh and accessible content that visitors will crave. Remember, the saying, ?content is king.?

3. You?re Missing an SEO Strategy

75% of Internet users are not going to click past the first page of search results, without a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you?re not going to get there. It is not just keyword-stuffing either. Google?s algorithm is smarter than that.

Today, an effective SEO strategy is a complex, ongoing process, structured around quality. You need careful keyword research, detailed linking and tagging strategies, focused social media approaches, well-executed conversion schemes and dedicated distribution methods.

4. Your Social Media Strategy is poor

I can see you resisting this one ?my business isn?t about tweeting and liking.? But? in all seriousness, every business will benefit from a social media presence that is integrated into their website. This attracts followers, invites them to share your content and much more.

Done correctly, a strong social strategy will feature:

  • A feed from your social media networks to your website
  • Social media share buttons in your content
  • A repeatable process in place for sharing content from your website to social media
  • An established method for having your team share content from your website to their social media networks

5. You Don?t Have a Conversion Strategy

Every website should serve a purpose beyond being brochureware if you are looking to GROW your business. The website needs to be a welcoming environment in which visitors are encouraged to evaluate, become informed and ?convert? into a lead.

To maximise this, your site needs to have integrated calls-to-action (CTAs) to get the right conversions in the right places. You need to know when an on-page action (or micro-conversion) should be solicited, and when a revenue-driving conversion should be offered. This is how to turn visitors into leads.

6. Your Website Isn?t Responsive

This is absolutely imperative and maybe the main thing that we stress to our clients and prospects, each business needs their website to be fully functional and accessible across every platform, screen size and each device?smartphones, tablets and laptops.

So, your website developer has got to modify your site for the ideal layout based on the viewing device by building on a responsive grid system. This will enable your website to be available to a much wider audience, boost your SEO and help ?future-proof? your site. Win-Win!

To take a more in-depth look at mobile responsive designs look at our recent post -?

7. You Can?t Update Your Own Website

CMS – Content Management System, this is the tool used to update the website, such as adding new pages, however not every CMS is accessible and easy to use, or some developers just won?t give you access to the system.

So, that leaves 2 options: you?re either constantly calling in (and paying) your developer to do these should-be simple tasks, or you?ve given up altogether and you haven?t updated your website for years. The right CMS will be user-friendly and empower you.

Two of the most commons systems are WordPress and Drupal

To capture more leads and stay ahead of your competition, use this blog?s checklist to identify what your website is missing. Then strategize how you will fill these gaps. Or, if you need help from a few professionals from a digital marketing agency, we encourage you to reach out to us?we?re always here to talk.

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