Writing Product Copy? Take Our Tips And Watch Sales Soar!

Writing Product Copy? Take Our Tips And Watch Sales Soar!

Product copy — the description of a product or service for sale — can make or break a purchase from your website. If it’s enchanting, convincing, and you tell your customers what they need to know, then great. If not, well, they’ll go elsewhere. Writing descriptions for each product doesn’t have to be an arduous process, so put your creative cap on, think from your customer’s perspective, and follow our short guide.

  1. Rule Number One: Include An Image.

Rule number one: include an image

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but would you buy something if you couldn’t see what it looked like? Then neither would anyone else. It’s one thing to have seriously tempting text, but it’s something else if you can back up what you’re saying with enticing, mouthwatering or beautiful images.

One sharp photo of each product should be the bare minimum you use, though multiple is better. Show the product from different perspectives if you can, and provide appealing pictures of specific features you want to highlight. Don’t use pixelated or poor quality images; you could argue that no picture is better than a bad one.  

An additional zoom function lets your customer get close to the product and see the finer details and textures. And try to provide a sense of scale, too. Use either candid or staged photographs that include familiar objects to show your buyers how big the item is.

  1. Features Versus Benefits: What It Has Versus How It Helps.

Features versus benefits: what it has versus how it helps

Understanding the difference between product features and product benefits — and providing both — is a must. All products have features, but what benefit(s) does each feature bring? How does your product or service help the buyer and improve their lives?

We all know that dairy products, like milk, contain a lot of calcium: that’s a feature. But, it’s not until we understand that calcium supports skeletal health that we might be persuaded to drink it; there’s the benefit.

So, what benefits does your product or service provide? Will it save your clients time and money or make their life easier in a specific way? Your parcel tape might use a new adhesive, but does it stick any better?

  1. Be Succinct. 

Don’t make your customers work hard to learn about your product. Write your description in short sections and bulleted lists that are easy to digest. 

Include details about your product’s physical characteristics and specifications; its size, what it’s made of and what it includes (does it come with batteries, for instance?). What texture does it have? Does it come in different colours, and does it have eco-friendly credentials? If it’s made painstakingly by hand or has other artisanal qualities, say so. These are attractive features that make a product more alluring to buy.

  1. Copy Should Be Evocative

Copy should be Evocative

No, not provocative, evocative. We’ve all been to a market that’s bustling, noisy and full of life. There’s an abundance of products on display and plenty of opportunities to touch, feel, or taste them. If you were selling here, you’d have the chance to speak directly to your customer and encourage them to try before they buy.

In eCommerce, the experience is different. Your customers can’t touch, taste or smell anything, so you have to plug that gap. Your product copy has to do the talking and, alongside fitting images, convince site visitors that buying your product is not only a good idea but a great one.

If you’re selling shower gel, will it soothe or invigorate? If it’s fabric, how does it feel against your skin? And if it’s bulbs, what light do they throw out — soft and warm?

  1. Reviews, Testimonials And Awards.

Reviews, testimonials and awards

Social proof is a great way to boost customer confidence in your product or company, so showing off your glowing testimonials and rave reviews will only support your cause and increase your credibility. Has your product or service been rated five stars? Have you received some fabulous feedback from satisfied clients? Then show your customers! 

And how about the product or service itself? Has it won prizes, trophies or awards? Does it have a celebrity seal of approval, or has it been established for an exceptionally long time? Picking out distinctive attributes can make your products stand out amongst a crowd.

Perfect copy on its own isn’t the answer. The whole user experience of your website needs to instill confidence in your visitors. We’re award-winning specialists in digital marketing and web design, and we know that you need results for your business to succeed. If your website isn’t performing or your products aren’t selling on your eCommerce store, we can help.  

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