Top 10 Important SEO Tips That you Need – Writing SEO Friendly Content

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has changed drastically in the last decade. Now just typing in the keywords on your website will not be sufficient . The whole algorithm has changed, and so the way content is written on the web also has to change. There are many factors that are now associated with SEO. It is not as simple because now the whole cyberspace has become so complex that simple techniques will not cut it.

Digging deeper and then finding the right tools is what must be done for proper SEO to take place. This article does not dig deep into that aspect, though. This article will provide the simple tools and techniques that they can implement and better the SEO for their website. These tips will go a long way and make one understand how exactly the cyberspace is functioning right now.

Site Speed

Site Speed

The loading speed of a site is a major factor that one needs to think of when designing their website. A site that loads slowly will end up decreasing the number of customers visiting that sight. Statistics show that each second the site takes longer to load, leads to a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and an 11% loss in page views. These figures are appalling when one does the math and then realises the number of customers they are losing. Getting the speed right is crucial.

Linking to other sites

Collaborations and linkages will help increase the reach of the site. These linkages, although, have to be proper and with the correct content. Linking to another platform for blogs is one of the smartest things one can do to increase their optimisation. The more linked the site is, the better the SEO is as more people will get to know about it.

Humans first

Who is going to visit the site? The people. Who is going to buy or utilise the site? The people. Now, instead of succumbing to the old technique of sneaking in the keywords, keep people the priority. Write for humans first and then come to the search engine. The search engine works on the way people search, not the other way around. So why should anyone work backward?

Get linked

Which platforms are collaborating with you and which are not is what one needs to figure out when running a website. These connections actually determine what kind of content one has, and the correct combination of collaborations can put one on the map in a significant way.

Web Analytics

Feedback of what is going on in the site and how people are responding to it determines the actions that one wants to take regarding the SEO techniques they have applied. Keeping a good web analytics wing in place when the site goes up is a good practice and helps to keep track of what is working and what is not working.

Meta Description

These are the small descriptions that will appear below the tab in a google search. Keeping these descriptions as original as possible and away from plagiarism is the best thing that one should do to increase the optimisation of any site. This also gives the user a reason to enter ones site. So this is a key factor to be kept in mind.

The URL game

The URL for the site should be something that is easy to understand for the user, and they immediately relate to it. Keeping a long URL with numbers and symbols makes the user doubtful of the credibility of the website.

Social Signals

Social Signals

Social media is also a big influencer when it comes to SEO. Keeping social media attached to the site is imperative when it comes to increasing the reach. Although the impact may not be seen immediately, the effect is there, and it is noticeable.

Keywords in Images

Pictures play a  big part when searching for something. There is a separate tab for images, and that is also an opportunity that should not be missed. Keeping the proper keywords with your images will get the site more eyes and hence increase the customer base.



Keeping content on your site updated regularly is the key. Also, content must be unique and cater to what one wants to say with the site.


SEO is a big part of the cyberspace now, and anyone who is venturing into this space for the first time must know the ABCs of SEO. The simple steps above will help one to move ahead in terms of the growth of their site as well as the customer base.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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