Why You Should Be Investing in SEO?

Why You Should Be Investing in SEO?

Search engine optimisation or more commonly known as SEO is a major component of modern day online business however it is also very frequently ignored because it is misunderstood or hard to learn.

If you was to run a search for SEO on Google you will find some people saying that search engine optimisation is dead. What is worse is that some webmasters who used to claim to be great at optimising websites have now changed their views after Google got too clever for them to play the system.

For a new business or someone who isn?t fully sure what SEO does these contradicting views can cause confusion and then make you stop taking action.

  • It is important that you have the correct information so that you can make an informed decision.
  • The bottom-line is that without an online presence, you will not be able to tap into the ever-growing online market.
  • If you are looking to boost your business online, then SEO and this guide on SEO will come in handy.

Search Engine Optimisation Statistics

So the best place to start is probably why you should be concerned about SEO.

  • You might be thinking ?Isn?t Google supposed to find you naturally??
  • The issue with that is that there are millions of websites launched each day, however only a small percentage actually reach their set online goals.
  • If your website is not ranking highly on search engine result pages (SERPs), then there is much less chance (if not no chance) that your target audiences will find you on Google/Bing/Etc.
  • If you take a look at this?HubSpot?study 75% of internet users will never scroll past the first page of a search results page.
  • So if your website is not appearing on the first page, then for most of the internet you simply don?t exist. More worryingly is that most online experiences start with a search engine further displaying the importance of having a high ranking website.
  • Another interesting study which was published by?Search Engine Land?shows that search engines make up 300% more online traffic to websites than any other marketing tool.
  • All of these studies highlight a real importance of having not just a website but a strong online presence and investing in search engine optimisation to enhance your chances of being found online.

Below are a few reasons why you should be investing in search engine optimisation regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you are in:


If you are aiming to compete (and win) in your industry, then you need to ensure your brand is visible and easily recognisable online.

Many of the more popular websites on Google such as the BBC, New York Times, and Sky Sports have been able to stay ahead of their competition in their industry through online branding, granted with a large budget.

However it is all relative, the industry that they are in is an expensive one, with massive competition all over the world who are looking to displace them, if they were to stand still and not invest in SEO and online marketing then they would fall flat on their face.

These companies are able to drive quality traffic to their website and over time become more trusted thanks to that increased visibility.

When customers in your industry are searching for you online, they will be expecting to find you on the first page of Google and Bing for your targeted keywords and if they don?t, your business will lose potential customers.

Increased Quality Traffic

Lead generation is the whole reason that you are likely on the internet and whilst it is true that increased traffic does not always translate to higher conversion automatically, by ranking highly, with time, your search strategy can move towards increasing conversion rates.

You can?t convert anything if you don?t have any traffic.

By using SEO tactics like directory submission, link building, keyword optimisation, web audit, and analytics, it will become easier to get relevant traffic to your website and this will eventually boost sales for your company.

Impressive ROI

We wont deny that SEO can be expensive, like all other forms of modern business marketing.

Small companies in some industries can struggle to raise the necessary money to compete with larger established brands that have dedicated budgets for marketing.

However, in comparison to other forms of marketing SEO doesn?t always require the largest budget and once you have put in the hard work to rise to the top through Google you will get a fantastic return of investment with so many people finding companies this way.

Better Consumer Insight

Modern day marketing is constantly changing and today, with the amount of data available to marketers now you can use this to track and influence the success of your marketing strategy.

For example, a brand may look to market on Twitter and while this may look like a foolproof idea until Google analytics reveals that your target audience does not actually use Twitter and instead prefers Instagram.

Your Search Engine Optimisation strategy should be sculpted by these consumer insights to get better results from your marketing.

Building Credibility

As you build an online presence, you will also be conveying a subtle message to all of your potential customers.

Your site could be used to educate, entertain or sell to customers the value that your company offer.

When an internet user is looking to find a trustworthy company in a certain industry, they will go straight to a search engine.

If your company is ranking highly on Google, straight away you will have gained credibility in your customers eye.

This is one reason why in some industries small companies have been able to upset the bigger brands by creating credible websites and attracting the conscious modern customer.


There isn?t really any denying that online marketing is getting more competitive year on year. However, there are also more advances and strategies available in digital marketing to boost your SEO campaign.

Better search ranking will increase the visibility of your company and ultimately increase leads and sales.

As Google continue to update their algorithms, your SEO strategy has to constantly be evolving to embrace these changes.

Hiring a search expert is a great first step in the right direction to help you to achieve your business goals.

If you are interested in getting started with an SEO campaign to take your business website to the next level online and start getting more visitors and sales on your website then get in touch today.