What To Expect & How To Prepare For Marketing In 2020?

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What To Expect & How To Prepare For Marketing In 2020?

New Year, New Marketing?

New Year, New Marketing?

We are already near the end of 2019, which of course means that 2020 is also very imminent. It will feel like a fresh start, and though not everything will change overnight, there will be strategies and trends that become more prominent than they had been previously. This is especially true for marketing, and some can already be identified right now. Before the New Year starts, then, here are some tips on what to expect and how to prepare for marketing in 2020.

? Think About A.I.

Think About A.I.

We have previously written about Artificial Intelligence: its methods of utilization, its growing importance and its projected increasing importance throughout the new decade. More and more businesses at all levels and covering all sectors are sitting up and taking notice of A.I., and within the early part of the 2020s, A.I. will be on everybody?s lips. Rather than waiting to adopt this as part of a marketing strategy amongst the majority, however, it would be highly recommended to start looking into how A.I. could help your business now because you can overcome any misunderstandings before A.I. becomes the norm, and it will allow you to position your business as one that is forward-thinking and progressive.

? Web Community

Web Community

Your website will still remain a vital tool for your marketing plan in the new decade, but how you make the most of your site may be worth rethinking. Whilst your company will have a dedicated online following, are you doing enough to engage with them and bring them together as a loyal fan-base for what you provide? Whether it is simply garnering customer feedback, identifying services that they may want or simply recognizing shared traits that allow you to target particular demographics, we would recommend taking steps to implement comment forums, digital forms and other elements that allow you to start making the most of your online community.

? App Integration

App Integration

This can partly be achieved by making a mobile app a greater priority for your company. Though we may be past the trend of people scanning QR codes to discover information about a product or business, we are very much still seeing smartphone owners grow in terms of their numbers and their daily usage. Ideally, an organization should allow their customers to have the shortest journey towards their platforms possible, so heavily promoting your mobile app (or developing an app if one currently does not exist) should be a priority. It means customers don?t have to necessarily visit your website, but they can still check out your services and place orders, as well as learning more about what you do. Having an app also gives the vibe that you are a strong business, one that stands out from the pack, and as noted earlier, this can also help to establish a community for your followers.

As noted, the New Year is not far away, and so time is running out to start preparing for how you will adapt your marketing strategy in 2020. We can provide further guidance on this subject; find out more at liamm21.sg-host.com.

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