What is MOZ?

Moz is an online tool which will monitor, measure and even evaluate your website, it does this for both the onsite and off-site aspects for its level of search engine optimisation and for social media accounts.


    • The website crawl diagnostics are brilliant for finding any issues that may not otherwise be? apparent that are hurting your sites organic SEO results.
    • Moz are great for graphically displaying the extensive levels of information and data that they have compiled about your website.
    • They also offer recommendations for opportunities and keywords
    • Good competitive analysis.
    • Community Q&A ? The information that can be found on here regarding SEO and Moz can be really good, it is easily accessible, in which its easy to begin discussions / find answers / ask questions. To make sure this content stays accurate and reliable the staff at Moz personally moderates this forum.
    • Comprehensive SEO Toolkit ? The vast amount of tools Moz have which will help tweak your website in order to maximise its potential. These tools help you track your search engine ranking, run a site audit, check up on your competitors and what they are doing, identify link building opportunities, and much more. Together all these tools will build up your website, your SEO profile.
    • Extensive Resource Tools ? By visiting Moz?s Learning Center you will find beginner?s guides for topics such as Link Building, SEO and Social Media. There is a page committed to videos of the seminars that the company have previously done, this way you stay up to date with the latest research from the experts. Then finally as an extra bonus, they have created a Web Developer?s SEO Cheat Sheet this states the best SEO practices for web developers and therefore also for your website.


    • Number Of Campaigns Starts Low ? Moz is definitely not the cheapest service to use to on a monthly basis. For the $99 package, you get 5 campaigns for you . However, the plan is created mainly for individuals / smaller businesses, which of course have different needs and wants than a larger corporation.
    • Keyword Limits Per Campaign ? As well as the last small complaint, I would also prefer to be able to track a higher amount of keywords in each campaign.
    • Your initial results for your website? can take as long as a week to compile if it is a large site, although most sites will be complete in 1 or 2 days.


Moz posses some of the best SEO tools and resources around, without doubt they will help your website and your business to achieve greater visibility online. The tools that give you an enhanced understanding on the online marketing world, showing how to optimise your site, competitor research, a strong community and a brilliant learning centre to really help your SEO knowledge grow. I really don’t think you can go wrong with Moz.

With their generous 1 month free trial and their packages starting at $99 per month, I would recommend any business owner to give this a try.

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