What is Mail Chimp?

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing service. Helping you to design email newsletters, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. You can share them on social media & even combine it with the services you are already using. The best part of it is your results are all tracked.


  • The email templates are very easily customisable, allowing you to really created your desired email. It allows you to either import your own templates or Mailchimp have their own existing templates that you can edit.
  • With ?What You See Is What You Get? (WYSIWYG) editing or the point-and-click editor that doesn’t require too much previous experience or knowledge with HTML.
  • It is easy to also integrate your Facebook Page with you Mailchimp.
  • The image hosting is completely unlimited and free.
  • If you want you can remove of the MailChimp logo from your emails.
  • Another great feature with Mailchimp is that you can import your contacts from other sources such as Excel, Capsule, TXT, Salesforce, CSV, Highrise or just by copy and pasting.
  • The same goes for exporting or sharing reports as Excel, CSV, TXT files.
  • You can also compare each of your campaign statistics to your industry benchmarks.
  • There is A/B testing for emails available, along with subject line research tool.
  • They provide training videos and webinars to help get you started.


  • The templates for subscription forms are quite basic, however forms can be either integrated into your site or hosted.
  • With Mailchimp you are allowed to import as many contacts as you wish, however if you get many spam complaints or even unsubscriptions after sending a campaign you can be suspended and/or cancelled.
  • Only those who subscribed via the web form will receive autoresponders.


Mailchimp can be a very useful tool for any business, I would however recommend building up your emailing list before signing up for this to maximise tons potential, it is quite easy to use, they give you a great deal of help when getting started and the negatives to the service aren’t that important that it would stop me from using it.

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