What Is Best For Ecommerce? PayPal Or Stripe


A Comparison Between PayPal And Stripe

When it comes to ecommerce, there are two particularly popular platforms that are widely used by businesses across the world. They are PayPal and Stripe, and while they share a lot of features, there are also some notable differences between how each of them operates. In this article, we will be focusing on the main differences between PayPal and Stripe, which may help you to determine which of the two would be best for you and your business? ecommerce.

1.) PayPal

PayPal is the more recognisable of the two platforms, because PayPal has been well-established as an ecommerce tool for businesses for many years now, and because PayPal has such a strong track record when it comes to the safety and security of money transfers for purchases. What?s more, PayPal comes stacked with a plethora of features that go beyond basic ecommerce, and it also offers a tiered system depending on the budget of the business in question and how much it wishes to sell via its website. PayPal is deemed as the gold standard for ecommerce, but it is far from the only viable option available.

2.) Stripe

Indeed, Stripe is also widely-used and comes with high endorsements from many leading global organisations. This is partly because, while Stripe does not deal with payment tiers, it allows users to only pay for the features that they require, so if you want a very simple ecommerce outlet for your site, you can do this with Stripe, whereas with PayPal, you would need everything else that came within the corresponding tier.

Stripe is also very easy to implement into the site, keeping things basic while also offering some unique side-features of its own for interested parties, amongst them Connect, Sigma and Atlas. Our clients use both PayPal and Stripe; find out more about how we can help you to set up ecommerce accounts with either platform here.

3.) How Do You Decide Which To Use?

Ultimately, the platform you opt for will be determined by the nature of your business and your own personal preferences. Do you go all-out with PayPal in order to allow your business to offer customers as many payment options as possible? Or do you instead go for Stripe, knowing that you can focus primarily on the ecommerce and simply dip your toes into trialling other features as and when they are necessary? The important thing to stress is that both are highly-regarded, internationally-renowned platforms, so whether you go for PayPal or Stripe, you will be able to handle all ecommerce effectively and safely of product sales to your customers.

Here at Breeze Development, we deal with a whole host of businesses who require guidance on ecommerce and working out which platform best suits their needs. If you want to find out more about either PayPal or Stripe, or ecommerce as a whole, you can do so by visiting our website, which is liamm21.sg-host.com.

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