What does the Google Ads brand change mean for Google Adwords?

Google Ads

The most recent update in the ever-changing world of Google?s?pay-per-click advertising?is a branding revamp which has seen the name of Google Adwords switch to Google Ads. The big question is what does this mean for your current Adwords campaign?

Why the change?

The updates to Google Adwords, as well as Marketing, are made as an effort to make it easier for business owners to build their campaigns on cross-platform advertising and analytics.

The good news:

The new Google branding change will not have any effect on your current Adwords campaigns. If you are an existing Breeze PPC client you will only see a change in the terminology we use when discussing your account.

There is one change, however

There is one change, but thankfully it is again nothing major, Google Ads rebranding efforts have made a change in the URLS:

But there really is no need to worry, if you are used to typing in the current URLs, they will redirect to these new pages automatically.


Along with the switch of name from Google AdWords to Google Ads, there are also 2 additional brand changes happening:

  • The Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick advertiser products can now be found under the Google Marketing Platform.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will now both fall under the Google Ad Manager brand.

Google Marketing Platform

You should still only be using the Google Marketing Platform for marketing which helps you to effectively target your audience with respect to their privacy settings.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a fantastic tool which will help your business to reach your target audience instantly and normally for a very fair investment.

Are you ready to discover what Google Ads can do for you?

If you have not yet invested your time or money into the Google Ad world and are interested learning more about how ads will help your business reach a larger, targeted audience, then please?contact us today.

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