What Does The Future Hold For Web Design A.I.?

What Does The Future Hold For Web Design A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence In The Future


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has grown more and more in recent times, and this has brought about a huge amount of revenue for businesses. For instance, in the United States, it is estimated that American businesses will make in the neighbourhood of $2.868 billion in 2019 alone, based solely off of revenue driven by A.I. systems. And these figures will continue to grow, meaning that A.I. usage will expand in the future. But what does this future actually look like, especially when it comes to web design, where A.I. has been and will continue to be crucial? Let?s take a closer look.

  • Increased Automation Of Website Designs


At present, humans have to manually create sites by utilising the software available. There are plugins, tools, functions and the likes which can be set to complete a particular task towards the visual presentation and manual operation of a site, but they have to be physically built by people. However, we are now seeing more and more instances where the user only has to input basic details, and an A.I. platform will do the rest to bring your vision of a website to life. Well-renowned companies such as Wix, GoDaddy and Firedrop are already making the most of this option, and as technology becomes more advanced and more available to a wider range of businesses, it seems inevitable that the automated creation of websites and their designs will increase accordingly.

  • Reduced Time, Increased Profits

Because humans must currently play a great role in the design of websites, their time is limited. The output may be of an outstanding quality, but the number of sites they can commit to building is restricted, even when bringing more staff on board. With A.I., however, the amount of time spent on developing the nucleus of an idea for a website will be brought down significantly. This means that the company utilising A.I. will then be able to commit to a greater number of projects for the team to work on, and the increased workload means that the business itself can make more money in the long-run. Less time and more profits certainly sounds as good an endorsement as any of A.I.!

  • The Great Unknown

That being said, the future of A.I. is not entirely clear. That?s because artificial intelligence research and development is always evolving, so the A.I. tools that are wowing businesses in 2019 would have seemed like a pipe dream in 2009, or even 2014. This means options relating to A.I. will arise that, right now, even industry experts and analysts have yet to even consider as potentially having a major impact. But the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence means that whatever arises over the next five-to-ten years, A.I. usage can only increase across businesses, and with revenue climbing in accordance. We know A.I. will become bigger and better in the years to come, which is exciting, but the fact that we do not yet know what form this might take is perhaps even more intriguing.


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