What Does “Discovered – Currently not indexed” mean on Google search console and How do you fix it?

Google search console problems

We all face this problem with our website at some point: ‘Discovered – Currently not indexed.’

We work hard to improve our visibility in search engines like Google, but we encounter numerous errors, especially when submitting our website pages to Google.


Google search console problems


Our pages are not indexed for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the ‘Discovered – Currently not indexed’ status. Now, we will explore how to fix this error and what causes this status. Let’s get started

The “Discovered but Currently Not Indexed” status means that our website is known to Google; however, it hasn’t been crawled yet.

Still Confused, let me explain

When your website features a large number of URLs, each packed with quality content, it attracts the attention of Google’s crawlers or bots. These crawlers visit your web pages to analyze and understand the content, gauging its value for users.

Explaining the process further, Google’s bots will systematically visit each page of your website. They assess the content for its relevance, quality, and

usefulness. If the content meets Google’s standards, these pages are then added to Google’s index.

On the other hand, if you have a website with only a few pages, you might find that one or two pages are not indexed. This could be due to several reasons, such as poor content quality or the presence of information that’s considered useless or irrelevant.

Reasons Behind the “Discovered – Currently Not Indexed” Status

Crawl Budget Limitations: If a site has a large number of pages, Google may not index all of them immediately due to crawl budget constraints. Google allocates a certain amount of resources to crawl each site, and if the site is large, some pages might be left unindexed until later.

Low Content Quality or Thin Content:

Pages with insufficient, low-quality, or unoriginal content are less likely to be indexed. Google prioritizes content that provides value and a good user experience.

Duplicate Content:

If your page content is too similar to other content on your site or elsewhere on the web, Google might choose not to index it to avoid redundancy in search results.

Technical Issues:

Problems like incorrect use of tags (such as noindex tags), faulty redirects, or server errors can prevent a page from being indexed.

Newly Published Pages:

If a page is new, it might have been discovered but not yet indexed. In such cases, it might just be a matter of time before Google indexes the page.

Blocked by robots.txt:

If your robots.txt file accidentally blocks Google from crawling certain pages, those pages won’t be indexed.

Poor Site Structure and Navigation: If Google’s crawlers find it difficult to navigate and link to certain pages due to poor site structure or broken links, those pages may not be indexed.


In conclusion, we’ve tackled the ‘Discovered – Currently Not Indexed’ issue, but Google Search Console may present various other indexing challenges. If you’re encountering difficulties with these, Breeze is here to assist.

Contact us to resolve your indexing problems efficiently.