Using TikTok to Make Viral Advertising Content

TikTok is an app that has taken over Gen Z, and we don’t see it letting go of them any time soon. This amazing video-based app is most commonly known for its endless collection of viral videos and ridiculous challenges. The popularity of TikTok has gotten so extreme that even other social media platforms are covered in content that has been taken from TikTok, which is exactly why you should be using it to reach younger audiences with your brand. When leveraged properly, TikTok can get a huge buzz stirring around your brand, and if you are lucky, that buzz will convert directly to sales.

Since the majority of TikTok users are in their mid-twenties or younger, some businesses aren’t sure about using this platform. It isn’t that they don’t see the value, but rather the fact that TikTok, for some adults, can be a completely confusing place filled with noise and absurd videos that make almost no sense. While this is understandable, it is the job of an effective marketing team to understand how to speak the language of their audience, and there are few places that are more in-crowd focused than TikTok. Fortunately, TikTok is filled with tools and fun ways that make it easy for your business to jump right in and let the audience take over the rest.

Using Normal Ads with TikTok

In the event you dont want to do anything too crazy, you can always go for normal ads on the app. TikTok, much like other popular apps, allows companies to insert their own advertisements into the feeds of its users. You would do this in the same way that you would any other site. You will make the content and then pay TikTok to present the advertisements, generally 10 to 15-second video clips, into the feeds of awaiting users. This versatile option allows you to lead customers back to your website, offer direct app downloads, and more. For those who are looking for a more traditional entrance and have good content to make it happen, this is a great approach.

Making TikTok Challenges

Among internet users, TikTok is famous for its hashtags and challenges. As a company, you will be responsible for coming up with viral challenges that users will want to jump in on using your hashtag. It is this side of TikTok that is so common, and it is why the website is known for hosting viral content. You can present users with a hashtag and challenge rules, then let them take over with it. If your marketing team is able to come up with a good popular challenge, you wont believe just how many interactions you can get from TikTok users. These challenges are known for sweeping through the app and being the talk of the town across various social media platforms. For someone who is running a business built on selling comic book gear, you might run a challenge that is built around users dancing to theme songs in their favorite superhero getup. While it might sound silly to some people, this is the very thing that TikTok is famous for. In the land of TikTok, the sillier the content is, the better.

Branding Tools on TikTok

Beyond viral challenges, you can always make your content go viral by presenting users with the tools to make their own viral content. Many companies will offer branding tools that match their company. You can set up brand filters, brand takeovers, and more. This will present users with your content immediately and give them the chance to use your content tools to make their very own content. If you make a good filter, you might just see every third TikTok user posting videos with it.


At the end of the day, TikTok is viral in its truest form. The app was designed to take the content and pass it around like it is the next hottest trend, and in the land of social media, these trends go fast. As a company, you can absolutely use this to generate a lot of attention to your brand very quickly. This is an excellent way to boost sales and get people talking about your company, so download the app and start learning!

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Why Choose Breeze Development?

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