How To Use LinkedIn To Get Traffic To Your Website

Two important things for any online business is their traffic and conversions. One of the best sources of traffic for some business owners is LinkedIn. The site is full of potential clients and business decision makers that can drive traffic to your website. Few ways to do are are listed below:

Make a strong profile:

There is no doubt that people give more attention to attractive things and a professional and complete profile will certainly allure the audience. You look more qualified, and more people will be interested in what you say and to check your website.

So how to do it.

  • Make your banner image personalized and branded and include a logo to build trust.
  • Tell a story in the ?about us? section about your company.
  • Have a Personal and professional summary.
  • Upload professional headshot.
  • Add a link of your website to the profile.

Improve and build connections:

You must look to get first degree connections so people can accept you as their friend or a connection. Focus on getting 500 first degree connections. Connect with people you work or worked with and who are your email contacts, you have gone school with, who are introduced to you by your current contacts, you know from the LinkedIn groups, who are your customers, etc. The more connections you have, the more status updated will be viewed and build network using personalized note.

Create a group:

If you cannot get a group, then make your own group. You can spread the word about your group and it should be a true place of networking and discussions. Make it clear and concise what is and is not allowed on the page and with a functional, practical group you can see huge benefits.

It will be easy to develop your reputation and increase trust after making a group where people can exchange ideas and tips, as it will help to establish you as an expert or as a credible person. Choose a niche that would benefit your business, whether this is the type of service or the location and will therefore drive traffic to your website. Make a theme of your group and invite participants. With your group you have a chance to be seen as an industry leader.

Keep engaged with your network:

When you are engaging, then building trust, the connections will come easily and freely.

Post article links, ask questions or state your personal view on stories to really give your brand a personality.

Give people a reason to want to like, comment and share your article. Acknowledge the comments and build your networking relationships by commenting back. Engage in groups too and use tools like polls that will help you create interactive content about your blog. The bottom line is, be conversational and engaging which can help you get more visitors to your website at the end.

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