What Time Is Your Instagram Audience Online?

Working out when is the best time to post your content is one of the most important factors that you go through when creating an effective social strategy. You have to be able to target your followers at prime times to ensure that your messages aren?t being lost in the feed. Previously the only tools available to do this were Facebook insights (which can be inaccurate) and Followerwonk from Twitter.

But now there?s a new tool for you to try!

Prime for Instagram

I have listened to many podcasts recently and after reading up on how other marketers have been using Instagram to market their businesses to their audience. In one of these particular podcast I listened to, one of the speakers shared an absolute nugget of gold.

?Prime? is truly something that can help to take your Instagram to new levels!

Prime can analyse your Instagram followers, watch their activity and even grab the data from key times throughout the day. It then accumulates all of this data and calculates the perfect time for you to publish your content to your audience. It is seriously incredible.

I have since been testing Prime with one of our clients and we have added more likes using Prime than we did when we was just using pre-judged times. It turns out that my clients audience were using Instagram much later and become active way after 8pm. However it doesn’t stop by just giving you the best time to post, but by also giving you an 10 alternative times throughout the day that are also key for your audience.

And there is more

Prime for Instagram also allows you to look at and analyse this data in a weekly grid and then from this showcases the best time for you to post?.All week!!

Prime breaks the data down to the minute which is extra helpful. Then if that wasn?t enough, it also comes with the ability to compare your last 3 pictures in terms of interactions (likes and comments) – This way we are able to see what content works well and what content your audience enjoys less.

If you?re using Instagram for business seriously check this out! Let me know how you get on with it too by tweeting me @BreezeDevelop!

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