The Value Of Snapchat Advertising

The Value Of Snapchat Advertising

Should You Advertise On Snapchat?

In a recent article, we focused on how businesses can effectively market themselves by using Snapchat as an outlet to communicate with its target audience. In this blog story, we will be focusing on a particular aspect of marketing, that being advertising. We will take a closer look at the value of Snapchat advertising for companies, and whether it is ultimately worth the time, effort and costings involved for the organization in question.

? Massive Audience

Massive Audience

Any advertising strategy has to be focused on attracting as many eyeballs as possible to a particular product or service. The larger that the potential scope can be for an advertisement, the greater the odds will be that it will have the desired effect. To that end, Snapchat offers a tremendous basis for any advertising for your business, since the social network platform has almost 200 million active users who are posting content every single day. This covers the entire globe, so for a company that has an international presence, there is no limit as to how many people could end up viewing an ad. If the objective of an advertising plan for a business is to increase awareness, Snapchat is as strong a channel as any.

? Target Groups

Target Groups

Perhaps more than any other social network, Snapchat has an especially high popularity amongst younger people, in particular users below the age of 30. This is important because, whereas Facebook and Twitter have adults of all ages using their sites but with the 18-35 crowd being the most active, Snapchat is targeted towards a generation that want to upload, swipe and view new content as fast as possible and need to be greatly captivated in order to linger on a specific post, given the wealth of companies already uploading imagery and videos for their audiences. All of this is significant because, if the target group for a business is also in the early-to-mid 20?s range, then it would make logical sense to at least consider the possibility of advertising on Snapchat. Should your company deliver a service that is focused more on older men and women, however, then you may wish to look elsewhere.

? Being Creative

Being Creative

This ties in with our previous article on Snapchat marketing as a whole, but it should go without saying that a company who benefits from advertising on Snapchat is one that knows how to deliver striking, engaging and memorable content. It doesn?t serve the business any purpose to simply be on Snapchat and providing run-of-the-mill posts; if a business is to really make the most of advertising on Snapchat, the team has to be creative and think about what they can create in line with the profile, personality and product line of the company in order to attract interest, thus leading to the building of a new audience and, potentially, an increase in future sales. Those tasked with creating content for social media advertising should take the time to research campaigns that have gone viral before deciding what the business should upload to Snapchat with the intention of making people say ?did you see that??

? Advertising Styles

Advertising Styles

If you believe that Snapchat advertising is a real option, then there are three ways that the business can speak to its followers. Snap Ads are traditional imagery and video clips which will be promoted based on demographics and locations; Filters will allow you to add unique stickers to a photograph or illustration, with the company logo being one example; and Lenses provide filters that drastically alter the perspective of an image in line with a company?s products, with one example being to paint a person?s head in the style of a fruit. By recognising which option would be most suitable, it becomes easier to come up with appropriate and exciting content.

Snapchat advertisements do not bring in quite the same level of revenue as the likes of Twitter or Facebook, but your business could still be amongst those benefitting from making promotions on the platform to increase awareness and profits, especially if costs are kept low when creating fresh content. Find out more about advertising on Snapchat by heading to

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