The Value of a Strong “About” Page For Your Small Business Website

Despite the fact that the “About” page can be one of the most viewed parts of any website, a large number of business owners fail to realise just how important an asset it really can be. In my experience this is the most rushed page of a websites copy, however, a brief and uninspiring synopsis of what you do and why you do it is not going to hit the spot, and we’re here to tell you why.

The About page is a key part of your website, and is more than likely going to get a substantial amount of traffic.

The About page is a key part of your website

Some studies have found that over 50% of people view someones about page when they visit a website.

Well, when we look at the way we interact with websites and the way we interact with other humans, it becomes quite clear as to why it is so popular.

When we first meet a new person, we tend to want to get to know a bit more about them in order to see if we have similar outlooks on the world and our likes and dislikes. Getting some background information is an important part of seeing if you “gel”. If we gel with someone, we can then begin to imagine investing time and effort into building a more substantial relationship and adding them in our own little personal network of trusted and respected people.

So, why would we expect that would be any different when it comes to how we interact with a company that we are unfamiliar with online?

The same human principles of social psychology apply in the online world, we are continuously looking for brands and companies that resonate with us, and to what extent they can help us to meet our needs, wants and desires with their product or service.

An About page is the place where this can all be pieced together. It’s your chance to show someone, a potential customer, why you match up.

It could be the make or break moment where a visitor will decide if you are a respected business that they are interested in investing time and/or money into.

So…What are the makings of a strong about page?
The main priority that you should be looking to portray is your companies unique identity and voice. With a good “About” page you will build a trustworthy narrative that can humanise your brand, whilst placing the attention not only on what the business is all about, but what it can offer to your prospective audience.

Here are our top 3 pointers:

1. Be inclusive of the customer

Be inclusive of the customer

Funnily enough, your About page, does not need to be all about you.

Most importantly, your about page is a place where you can make the link between your business (and its story) with your potential customer and their wants/needs.

The people who are visiting your website are there because they have a challenge or a need that they want to be fulfilled. Hopefully, that is a need that you and your company can help, therefore, by positioning your About page as the opportunity to build the narrative which links your story to their needs.

Remember what we said earlier about meeting a new person, what makes you similar to the customer?

2. Storytelling


Storytelling is a super powerful tool which can be used in order to grow your client base and followers.

If you can engage your audience in a genuine narrative about your companies humble beginnings, you can establish an invaluable level of trust, as well as providing context and meaning.

For example if you run an accountancy firm, how can you humanise this? Could it be by setting the scene for how you started? Was it from a moment of despair, was it of a meaningful conversation between two like-minded individuals who wanted to help X type of person?

3. Finish with a call-to-action

‘Always Be Closing’

A well rounded About page deserves a good ending, and what better way to finish up your brands story than with a catchy call-to-action?

This could look, for example, something like this:

* “Are you passionate about X too? Then start your free trial with us today.”
* “If this sounds like a little bit of you, browse our products here”
* “We’re ready to go when you are, so schedule your appointment today.”

So, now that we have given you a few key points for a strong and well constructed About page, it’s time for you to revisit your own and consider how it is currently being perceived from your customers perspective and then make changes on how you can improve this.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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