The Only 19 Email Campaigns You Will Ever Need

The Only 19 Email Campaigns You Will Ever Need

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I don’t know what to write about” this thread will help you.

Let’s get right into this…

#1 New product launch

New product launch

Purpose: To promote a new product

#2 Holiday’s

Holiday Email

Purpose: To relate your product to a current holiday

#3 Educational/Blog Content

Blog Email

Purpose: To share valuable content with your followers.

It’s important that you email value to your readers otherwise you’ll burn out your list. This is a good example of an email that drives traffic to a blog

#4 Special Offers/Flash sale

Purpose: To get some quick sales

Pro-Tip: You don’t want to ONLY run sales so make sure you mix it up

#5 Current Events

Purpose: To leverage the attention of current events and use it to promote your product

#6 Celebrity/Partnership

Purpose: To use the social proof of being aligned with a celebrity/partner and boost your brand

#7 Giveaway

Purpose: To run a giveaway either solo or partnering with another brand

Pro-Tip: These can be hit and miss depending on which brand you partner with so choose wisely. If they work, you will get a lot of new customers

#8 Bundles

Purpose: To package up your product into bundles

Pro Tip: These are a fantastic way to increase your AOV (average order value)

#9 Gifting

Purpose: To position your product as the perfect gift

Pro-Tip: You should use this around a date where gifts are common such as mother’s day, birthdays, father’s day etc

#10 The Case Study or Testimonial

Purpose: To tell the reader the best case studies and testimonials to use as social proof.

Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to sell.

#11 The Pop Culture email

Purpose: To leverage existing pop culture and tie it to your product. This can be anything from popular Netflix shows to trending topics.

#12 What’s in the pipeline:

Purpose: Use this email to inform customers about new products you’re working on.

Pro-Tip: Focus on building a relationship by keeping them up to date on what your brand is working on, this can make them feel more engaged and buy into the brand.

#13 The villain email

Purpose: To deepen your relationship with your audience by talking about common villains, for example if you are a vegan fashion brand, then leather jackets might be your “common villain”

#14 The listicle email

Purpose: To educate and entertain your audience

Pro-Tip: Remember what I said earlier about not burning your list with sale after sale.‘Listlces’ such as “10 ways to do x” are a great way to increase your engagement and improve open rates

#15 Piggyback

Purpose: If you’re really struggling for ideas, this one works every time.

Pro-Tip: What you do is find a powerful quote/lesson from a guru/expert/influencer in your niche and use it to relate back to your product.

#16 The Friday newsletter

Purpose: To send a regular newsletter to your list.

#17 The Useful Tips

Purpose: Deliver straight value to your list by giving them practical and useful tips

#18 Breaking myths email

Purpose: To break a common myth in your niche and build authority.

Pro-Tip: This is particularly useful for health related brands but every industry has them.

#19 the FAQ email

Purpose: To answer all the FAQs customers send you

Pro-Tip: Make a list of all the FAQs and turn them into an email. So easy!

Congrats on reading ’til the end!

But as we both know, reading isn’t enough.

So get started on implementing these emails or bring in a marketing agency who can help you to manage them!

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