The New Features That Will Make Shopify 2.0 The Ultimate Online Store


The already super popular online store software Shopify has a brand new collection of smart features ready to power your online store to success.

Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms for business owners looking to sell their products online allows companies of all shapes and sizes to operate their retail business on the internet. The platform apparently manages the online commerce for over 1.7 million businesses worldwide and with the current announcements, we can only see this growing.

We are already Shopify partners and have loved creating Shopify Websites for a variety of industries such as beauty, health, and fashion.

In their most recent event, Shopify has announced a number of significant improvements to their e-commerce platform. There is a huge emphasis on improving performance, developer control, and ease of use.

Shopify 2.0 is one of the platform’s largest improvements to date since we started working with Shopify development in 2015. This update, it will allow developers to create even better experiences for merchants and shoppers. With better user experiences and potentially numerous new apps to improve how the website looks for your customers.

So…What Is Online Store 2.0?

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Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 was announced (alongside other significant updates for Shopify) on a live event called Shopify Unite on June 29th. During the event, they presented improvements and modifications on the platform which are intended to improve the shopping experience on Shopify stores.

To start with they have completely redesigned the online store dashboard experience and will then be releasing a new set of developer tools to assist us, website developers, in creating exceptional experiences for merchants and their customers.

They have rebuilt three key areas of its online store:
– Themes
– The online editor & store content
– The developer tools.

For non-developers, the custom storefront & the online editor will have the most impact, as you will be able to edit and manage content much more easily, saving you time and potentially money.

Overall the update has given more power to the Shopify developers with the developer tools and they have also announced a 0% revenue share for developers on Shopify.

Shopify Features

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Here Are some of The New Features Which Will Help To Grow Your Online Store

1. A Customisable Online Store

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Since the release of Shopify 2.0, your online store can now become modular and customisable from the dashboard, even with less coding. This means that you can easily add and rearrange your webpage content with new sections and blocks.

Even if you don’t know how to code, you will be able to play around with the blocks, this could come in handy when you are just changing offers or making small changes.

This new update will therefore give sellers more creative flexibility to change the design of their Storefronts with “no-code” knowledge and to change it around quickly. Then Shopify has the “max code” access for the developers which will give them(us) more freedom to extend and customise the build and design further to get the exact design that you(the seller) want.

Out of the new features, this one is probably the one that will help the smaller of companies as it is now easier than ever for every merchant’s business to thrive on Shopify, regardless of their technical expertise.

2. Attract Customers with More Product Information

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In previous versions, you had to alter the code to add extra information about your product items, customers & orders, which was difficult/time-consuming.

Now, with this new Shopify update, you are able to add or edit fields from your admin Shopify dashboard without having to be a Shopify web developer.

With this feature, you can use the additional options to mention product points such as special care instructions for your shoppers on the product page.

This new feature should improve the checkout experience on your store, alongside the ability to store more data about your products, customers & orders in your Shopify account.

3. Better Checkout Experience

One of the main improvements with Shopify 2.0 and therefore your store is the speed at checkout which will now be considerably faster, this will mean that your store can process tens of thousands of transactions per minute.

So regardless of the size of your company, you can have a fast loading checkout that can support any amount of transactions and not have to worry.

It also means that Shopify developers are able to safely integrate Shopify apps inside of the Shopify Checkout (unlike before) thanks to the new Checkout Extensions.

These customisations at checkout will also work with Shopify’s own ‘Shop Pay’, giving retailers a unique brand interface with a fast and easy method to make payments on the internet.

Don’t forget there are already multiple other payment methods available such as Klarna, Paypal, and Apple Pay on Shopify too.

4. More Choice for Buyers – Buy Now, Pay Later

More Choice for Buyers

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Sales from buy now, pay later has grown exponentially over the past 2 years or so, predominately with Klarna but now also with Clearpay, Laybuy & many more. This allows customers to pay less upfront for your goods (and pay the rest later but you get paid upfront by the merchant) while as a seller you can see an increase in conversions and perhaps also average order values.

Using installments or pay later will allow your customers to checkout now and keep your sales moving!

5. Personalised App Recommendations

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Shopify 2.0 will be better at learning about your business, as every company is different they all have different app needs. So rather than test app after app to see what is best, we will now be shown suggested apps based on our store and the learnings.

This will also save smaller companies research time if they do not have a dedicated web designer who is regularly advising what is the best next step to grow the company.

6. The New ‘Dawn’ Theme

The New Dawn Theme

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Online Store 2.0 has been initially launched with a theme called Dawn, the theme boasts a loading speed about 35% faster than the old Shopify default theme ‘debut’.

Dawn has been optimised for performance, usability, and versatility, it also includes all the new features that we have mentioned above.

New speed and freedom should only bring better results for Shopify customers and developers so definitely excited to see what can be grown from here.

7. 0% Revenue Shares From Shopify Developers

Now, this announcement is predominately for Shopify Web Developers, as Shopify have announced that their new business model is certainly developer-first.

Shopify will no longer take any commission on the first $1 million of yearly revenue from Developers on Shopify, yep, that’s right……0%.

After $1 million sales then Shopify’s revenue share will be again be reduced from before and now stands at 15% rather than the 20% it was at before.

Now we said that was mainly good news for developers, but it also is for consumers, because this will now make Shopify developers much more motivated and enticed to create more apps and new designs, therefore boosting the overall Shopify platform.

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