The Importance Of Imagery In Web Design

The Importance Of Imagery In Web Design

This is our exclusive look at the importance of imagery in web design. Now, when it comes to web design, there are so many elements that are crucial towards ensuring a visually pleasing site. That could consist of anything from brand-specific colours to the appropriate usage of H2 and H3 headings. But imagery is perhaps the most important element that a website designer must get right. In this article, we explain why this is the case. Along the way, we examine both the benefits of strong imagery and the drawbacks of not doing so.

The Primary Purpose Of Website Imagery

The Primary Purpose Of Website Imagery - Breeze Development

Let’s start with the importance of imagery in web design from a business standpoint. Now, product photographs should support the items on sale sufficiently enough that a web user may consider making a purchase. Alternatively, striking images of the company’s business location may convince other companies to invest in your organisation for trade deals. And failing that, pictures that demonstrate the company’s personality help to build a customer base. That’s because the business can build a brand image focusing on positive traits. So, for instance, a company selling products aimed at students may wish to portray itself as upbeat, lively and open to having fun. Conversely, a funeral director’s website needs to emphasise its serious, caring nature through moving yet compassionate images showcasing its work. So, imagery helps to define what a company does and how they position themselves within the market.

The Analytics Side Of Website Imagery

The Analytics Side Of Website Imagery - Breeze Development

Now, there is a technical reason to include powerful and relevant imagery on a company website. According to Ahrefs, a whopping 92.96% of global search traffic comes from Google, Google Maps and Google Images. Note the latter, because so many customers locate a page for the first time via Google Images. And if the images on your site are high-definition, with head-turning subjects and primary keywords as their alternative text, then Google Images may well be the path towards bringing new visitors to the page. Speaking of keywords, it’s possible that a site may rank highly on Google not for its textual content, but for its imagery. And any leads that a company can have towards increasing web traffic and sales is a positive. So, imagery can be extremely important both from a visual and a SEO standpoint too.

Integrating Website Imagery With Social Media

Integrating Website Imagery With Social Media - Breeze Development

Don’t forget about how the website should closely interlink with the company’s social media channels. That comes down to the personality emitting within their posts, as well as the colour scheme and general basis of regular posts. This is especially true for Instagram, a platform that emphasises images that strike a chord with followers new and old. So, if the company’s website has a strong set of stock imagery, these can be the focus of social media activity. And this could range from product promotions to service breakdowns to engagement updates (such as story quizzes) and even memes. But if the imagery across the website and social media channels ranges greatly in tone, it potentially creates a customer disconnect. Consequently, the imagery on your website can shape your social media strategy, which in turn helps to build your clientele, and thus positively impact business.

The Downsides Of Minimal Or Poor Website Imagery

The Downsides Of Minimal Or Poor Website Imagery - Breeze Development

Now, it’s unlikely that a website will lack any imagery whatsoever. But some sites do exist that focus primarily on the words rather than the pictures. To a blog reader or a journalist, such an approach may not be too bad. But to a potential customer, especially for a business that sells physical products, a lack of imagery is dull at best and negligent at worst. After all, how can a potential client invest in a product that lacks any sample imagery? Or perhaps there are pictures, but the images on the pages are of a poor resolution, making them hard to see. Between digital cameras and the high pixels of cameras on current-gen smartphones, there’s no excuse to be short on pictures. Even artistic designs would suffice over no-frills photographs that do little to sell the business’s services.


Therefore, any web designer needs to highlight imagery as a vital element of any new site. After all, the power of online imagery cannot be underestimated, and it could have a significant impact on future business. Breeze Development can offer first-class web design with imagery as a top priority. To find out more about the importance of imagery in web design, please visit

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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