The Importance Of HTTPS For Your Website

The Importance Of HTTPS For Your Website

Why HTTPS Matters


HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and the key word here is Secure. This essentially means that a particular website has been encrypted, thus preventing third parties from potentially stealing user data, and it greatly reduces the possibility of the site being hacked. A recent industry study stated that 53% of websites are using HTTPS, but this also means that almost half ? 47% ? are not. It is worth reiterating the importance of HTTPS for a website here, especially if you have yet to begin using it yourself.

  • It Makes Your Website Safer

For starters, the site immediately becomes safer to use from both an administrative and visitor perspective. The safety of the site is rarely noticeable from the front-end unless a virus were to arise, which is often why this crucial step is overlooked by those managing the channel. But it is misguided to wait for disaster to strike before taking action, and if the site does become a hazard, not only is it a tough task to repair the damage, but it becomes a very long process to restore visitor faith. So, it is important to make your site safe and secure prior to any problems by using HTTPS.

  • Not Having HTTPS Can Turn Users Away

Because of the heightened profile attached to stories on internet security and scams, web users are more vigilant and informed than ever when it comes to keeping on top of their online activity. Even major, well-known sites could pose a risk if they are not backed up by an HTTPS encryption. Therefore, for those who have never heard of your site but have found out about you and are checking your services out, not spotting a HTTPS in your web address could be enough to make them think that it isn?t worth taking the risk. Think of how much business you could be losing because of the lack of encryption, especially if you have entered into a major promotional campaign, only to turn a blind eye to an element that could prove vital towards influencing people to browse your site.

  • It Positively Impacts SEO
It Positively Impacts SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is worthy of a blog in its own right, but one key element worth mentioning here is how SEO rankings are impacted by the use or lack thereof of HTTPS. Your site will not reach the top of page one on Google or Yahoo without HTTPS, especially if you are attempting to establish yourself as a credible business. By having HTTPS, it ticks another box for your SEO plan, and it means that your organisation will have a better chance of being located online by your potential future customers. It also means that you have a better chance of sitting above other competitors who do not have their site encrypted, giving you additional credibility over those companies too.


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