The Importance of an SSL Certificate


An SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is simply a standard online security protocol which is used when establishing encrypted links between a website and a browser. The job of an SSL is to make sure that all of the data which is being transmitted between the web server and a browser is safe and secure.

It is easy to tell if a website is secure by looking at the browser address bar in your web browser, if there is a green padlock there, then the website is secure.

Another way that you can check is simply see if the website domain uses ?https? or ?http?, as the ?s? at the end of the https stands for ?secure?, therefore meaning that the domain is protected.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

Whatever your business is and regardless of what your website is used for, it is still recommended that your website is secure for its visitors.

It used to mainly be recommended for people who are selling online. However Google are now recommending that all websites have this and rumours have it that it is one of the facts which can help your rankings in Google.

SSL Certificates are especially important in the following instances:

  • When you are selling products on your website – The reason for this is because your site will be taking details such as credit card numbers. Your SSL Certificate will protect your customers details from potential hackers.
  • If your website has a login area – Here your site would have to be secure because your customer?s login details will need protecting.
  • If site collects any important information through its web forms.
  • If you are dealing with customers details it is always ideal that you have an SSL certificate to protect their information even if that is just their email, name and number.

Advantages of an SSL Certificate

There are numerous advantages to getting an SSL certificate for your website, but we have listed a few below:

Encrypts Information???The main reason for getting an SSL certificate! Encrypting information means that the information being transferred on the website can only be read / understood by the intended parties.

So how it does this is by inserting random characters into the original content which makes it unreadable for someone who does not have the encryption key.

Search Engine Rankings???Google will tend to rank a secure website higher than a similar website without an SSL. Therefore it is a worthwhile purchase to add to your SEO checklist.

Improves Customer Trust???By showing your customers that you take security seriously and your are prepared to pay to protect their information will only improve buyers confidence. It will also help to create a positive buying experience from your company.

After working with many different clients across different industries, who have different websites and website goals. We can still confidently say that an SSL certificate is a great addition to any website.

If you are looking to add an SSL certificate to your website, or if you are not sure if you have an SSL certificate then please feel free to get in touch and we can clear things up for you,

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