The Differences Between Shopify & Shopify Plus

The Differences Between Shopify & Shopify Plus

How Shopify Plus Expands On Shopify

Shopify has proven to be the market leader for businesses wishing to create an e-commerce website that allows them to establish a significant online presence from which they can sell products. Therefore, Shopify is well-known within the business world, but perhaps receiving less attention is Shopify Plus, which builds on the former and takes things to the next level for a growing company. In this article, we will take a look at the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus, which could then determine what option would be best for a business wishing to take the first steps towards e-commerce.

  • The Main Difference

Shopify is tailored towards small-to-medium enterprise businesses, in particular start-ups who are making inroads towards distributing online products for the first time. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, involves a greater number of features (for a higher price) and is generally focused towards larger organisations that have the budget, the know-how and the levels of success strong enough to justify working with a Plus platform. In a nutshell, the basic Shopify gives businesses a chance to build an ecommerce site, while Shopify Plus is more advanced and offers every major option that a strong business would require via online international trading.

  • Similarities

Just as important as how Shopify and Shopify Plus differ is how they are similar because they use exactly the same dashboard, editor, help center, and so on. At first glance, you would not spot anything that contrasts the two options; it is only when you delve into the options available and the costs for particular services that you recognize that Shopify and Shopify Plus are not one and the same. It is best to envision Shopify Plus as an upgrade on Shopify and a business should consider its budget when considering whether the higher-level version is best because it is easy to get the two confused from a visual standpoint.

  • Shopify

Let?s now look at each of the two eCommerce website builder plans, beginning with the no-frills version of Shopify. This does allow businesses to make a start on selling products online at an affordable rate, with the basic purchase and distribution features included as part of the package. The inventory is spot-on, and though Shopify Plus is superior as a more advanced alternative, the general Shopify as a whole is still superior and more popular and successful than any other eCommerce platforms available. It also ties in nicely with the leading social media websites, making it easier to integrate business e-commerce into the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

  • Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is not only more advanced when it comes to the depth of features but also in terms of the volume of sales that it can handle; Shopify Plus is capable of handling more than 10,000 transactions per minute, which is significant and on the level of leading global organizations. It also allows for an unlimited number of staff accounts, which is important for a company that has arms across multiple locations, meaning that it could cover a range of UK branches, continental locations, or even its entire worldwide output. Again, though, this correlates with costs and manpower, meaning that this is an option that really needs to be seriously considered and must be deemed feasible for a company?s operations and economics.

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus exemplify the best e-commerce platforms available for businesses covering any sector, size, and location. It ultimately comes down to how successful the company is, where its projected sales figures are at, and how large their budget is when it comes to determining which of the two options is most suitable, but suffice it to say that for any business wishing to establish an e-commerce presence should definitely consider Shopify and decide which of the two pricing levels would be most suitable. More information can be found about both Shopify and Shopify Plus by going to

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