The Best Practices For A Landing Page

The Best Practices For A Landing Page

How To Appropriately Design A Landing Page?

A landing page is extremely important for a website, as it essentially brings up the key results of a user?s online search. It should answer questions while posing points that will keep them interested and retain them on the site, with the intention of converting them from visitors to customers, and thus perhaps leading to a purchase of one or more of your company?s products. Here at Breeze Development, we are often working with clients to put together strong landing pages (which you can learn more about by clicking here), but generally speaking, there are positive practices that reputable businesses utilise for their landing pages, which we will now explain in further detail.

  • A Clear Headline
A Clear Headline - Breeze Development

This should go without saying, but it?s a step that a worrying number of businesses ignore. When a user arrives at your landing page, based on a particular product or a range of products that are distributed on your site, the first thing they should see is a clear headline that either includes or is very closely related to their search. If the user is looking for SEO and is directed to your page, there should be a clear headline that includes the term ?SEO?, ?Search Engine Optimisation? or something very similar.

The headline will often appear before the main image and any body text, so if the headline seems irrelevant, the user may decide to prematurely exit the site. It isn?t just for the benefit of the user, though; it is a sign of poor practice if a potential customer is taken to a page that is wildly different from what they were anticipating based on a misleading headline.

  • A Relevant Image
A Relevant Image - Breeze Development

Assuming that the product is physical, the first image that a user is going to see on the landing page  should be relevant to the product, and a clear and obvious glimpse of what the item looks like. It should be as colourful as possible, it should be a high-definition photograph or illustration, and it should generally back up what has been written in the body text about the product. Where possible, generic stock images should be ignored because it demonstrates a bit of laziness on the part of the business, and it will also have the user questioning how legitimate their product really is. Another step that you should definitely avoid is to re-use an image from another site or, worse, a competitor, because chances are that the original owner will find out, causing unnecessary future problems.

  • A Functional Page

Imagine that the user has spotted the product and is intrigued, but when they come to the landing page, there is poor connectivity or certain features are not appearing, and worse still, some links to actually buy the item are broken. You would think that all organisations would take measures to prevent such eventualities, but unfortunately this isn?t the case, as a fair few businesses do not realise that their landing pages are actually turning potential customers away. A landing page simply must be functional; it is a case of quality over quantity when it comes to features. If the user can read about the item, see what it looks like and buy it without any issues, it won?t matter if the site lacks a social media feed or a news ticker because the page actually working is more important.

These are a small number of the most recommended practices when it comes to a landing page. We specialise in composing top quality landing pages, and you can find out more about this.

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