The Best Google Tools For Small Businesses

The Best Google Tools For Small Businesses

How SMEs Can Most Effectively Utilise Google Features

When people think of Google, they think primarily of the main search engine website, but there is a lot more to Google than that. The global giant offers a plethora of features that users can benefit from using, and this is particularly significant for businesses, whose websites can make great strides and subsequently make great money by making the most of the tools and guidance that Google provides. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at some of the best Google tools that small businesses can use, which could ensure better management of their website and may result in larger long-term profits as a result.

? Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads are, in a nutshell, basic text adverts of no more than four lines which are placed onto Google?s main search page for relevant terms and phrases. Via a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method, each time somebody clicks on one of these promos, it will cost an agreed-upon amount of money, which is usually quite low; however, the more traffic that these ads generate for your site, the more you will be paying (though you can set a maximum spending limit). The caveat, though, is that the users who enter your site via these ads could potentially purchase a product or service, meaning you?re your monthly advertising budget might come to ?25, but if a user who has visited the site via the ads ends up buying an item that is worth ?50, you will have profited as a result.

? AdSense


Also on the advertising front, we have AdSense. This is where Google automatically generates advertisements onto your website based on user experiences and/or specific topics. An average day might see your website receive 100 hits, but with the amount earned being extremely low; on another day, though, a quarter of users might come to your page, but if one person clicks on a Google-created ad, you will make a fair bit of bob. The key is to increase the popularity of your website to such a level that the number of daily visitors is in four figures, meaning a stronger baseline amount being received each day, and with the likelihood and value of ad clicks increasing in accordance.

? Google My Business

Google My Business

For a company to be taken seriously, it helps to have a Google My Business profile. This means that your organisation will have a profile on Google so that, whenever anybody searches for your business or comes across your business via a speculative search, your company will pop up with important information such as location, opening hours and notes on the sector you lie within. This also provides you with a base on Google Maps, which is particularly useful if you have an office that people can visit. The upshot is that your organisation starts to become more professional and established, since Google will recognise that you are a real company with real aspirations, and it also will again make it easier for would-be customers to find out about you.

? Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Perhaps the most important element of Google?s box of tricks for businesses concerns its Analytics programme. This is the way in which you can check out how many people are visiting your website, with a breakdown of ages, locations, genders and so on for users. It can also recognise whether they are visiting on their computer, phone or tablet, as well as noting whether they arrived via a genera search, social media or another avenue. This information is vital because it allows the company to monitor the success of its marketing plan, identifying strong areas and also instances where improvement is required. Any business with a website should have a platform to track user behaviour, and Google Analytics is one of the best options around for this.

As you can see, then, Google offers SMEs plenty of ways to use their website as a platform to establish their business, making these Google tools a crucial part of any long-term business strategy. Learn more about what Google provides for small businesses by visiting our website, which is

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