Targeting your Facebook Ads Correctly


So you want to start running some paid advertising and you know Facebook has over a billion active users, which you know makes it a good platform to use to reach out your companies target audience.

So, why use Facebook Ads instead of Google AdWords??And how should we use these adverts to get the best results?

Facebook or Google AdWords?

Google Adwords and Facebook ads are both forms of online advertising, however with Facebook Ads the way that you can target people is different.

With Google AdWords, you are setting up the adverts to show depending on certain keywords and phrases. With Facebook however there are no keywords needed.

With Facebook , rather than waiting for your customer to look for you, you can display the adverts to your potential customers. The adverts are more about targeting the target audiences & specific demographics?than the searchers intention.

Google AdWords can become very costly for some small companies, on both Google and Facebook you can set a specific budget to suit your companies targets and limit. Facebook, however, generally has a lower cost-per-click, making it more budget-friendly for the average small business.

But it is the results that are the most important aspect of your adverts and it is important to make sure your ads are targeted correctly especially considering that Facebook have over 1 billion users.

The more specific that your targeting is, the more relevant your traffic will be and then in turn your conversions will be, this therefore means less money wasted for your company.

Research is Key

To make sure that your adverts are specific and relevant it is important that you send sufficient time planning and researching your target audience.

You don?t have to be perfect but the more accurate and detailed that you are the more relevant the viewers are going to be.

What to Target?

It is different for each individual business, therefore each advert that you run for each individual business?will be different. With business to business targeting, you will of course be using a different approach than if you were aiming at B2C.

For a B2B advert I would recommend using:

  • Industry they work in
  • Job title
  • Pages that they might like

If you have knowledge of the types of products or professional bodies that your customer might like, this can help you with your advert targeting.

Optimise for Results

Setting up your Facebook adverts are not just a one time job, you should not be setting your advert and then forgetting about it.

With Facebook it is important that you keep track of your ads, then? you can constantly refine your audience until you have it perfect.

Start with your first group of adverts, review the data and then simply make small changes, making sure not to go too far and end up with too small of an audience.


Hopefully after reading about paid adverts you have realised they could seriously help your company to grow.

So if you are considering Facebook adverts for your company then you don?t have to do this alone. Our team at Breeze can assist you with creating and managing targeted Facebook Ads suited to your business

Get in touch today and see how Breeze can help you gain more traffic to your website through Facebook ads.

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