Some Handy Hints For Successful Content Marketing

Some Handy Hints For Successful Content Marketing

Successful Content Marketing For Businesses


Content marketing is a great way for businesses to promote what they are selling, how they can help their customers, and what their views are on the important issues of the day. Many organisations place a high emphasis on delivering content marketing that is designed to be successful in attracting increased numbers of web visitors, which in turn could positively impact sales figures. That being said, there are some who struggle with content marketing, so for those people, we have a few handy hints at what factors can help to bring about successful content marketing.

  • Keep It Short & Sweet


Website visitors are not interested in having to wade through long paragraphs of text. They want to see key messages quickly, meaning that they want the author to get straight to the point. Paragraphs of no more than a half-dozen lines, with two or three sentences apiece, all of which are adding value to the credibility of the source and understanding of the subject to the reader, are vital if you want visitors to engage with your content and to react positively to the text. It is a far easier read than a drawn-out section of 1,000 words which has not been broken up whatsoever.

  • Utilise Key Words


Here at Breeze Development, we know as well as anybody about the importance of featuring relevant key words within content wherever possible. Not only does it make the post more relevant to the topic, but it also ensures that the content ? whether that is an article, a web section, an organisation profile or anything else ? can be found more easily via search engines. You have to tread carefully to ensure that you are not merely sticking key words into the text after every third or fourth word as this can then turn people away, but by utilising them regularly enough without it becoming a distraction, you are achieving the perfect balance between establishing your points and helpfully reiterating to users what it is that your business does.

  • Use External Contributors


Not all of the content marketing has to be handled by the team in-house. More than half of American companies ? said to be as many as 55% – utilise freelance writers, who can provide an alternate perspective and bring a level of energy and freshness that cannot be found when it is the same old writers making very similar points in every blog or news story. Another take on this strategy is to use what has been described as influencers, people whose social followings and subsequent online reach are in the five, six or even seven-figures, meaning that the article is bound to receive a far higher number of views simply because of who the author is, and as a result, this means the odds are increased on the article boosting the bottom line for the organisation.


When done correctly, content marketing is an extremely useful method of communicating with and building an audience that may invest in your products in the long-run. Find out more about how to successfully manage content marketing on our website:

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