Social Media Metrics

We have been asked for some quick tips for what content is best for your social media. How should we decide what to post? What type of content is effective? Who should we be targeting and how do we position our business.

We only have a few brief points but hopefully, they help you out with your own social media post content and curation.

Here are the questions that you should ask yourself to provide relevant social media metrics.

1) How do I know what type of content most interests my customers?

My first recommendation here would just be to test it, you can start with research and seeing what has worked for others in your industry, however you are best to test all angles in your own way. As you might be able to get a better result on social media than your competitors, so test, record and then grow.

2) How many people are discussing problems that my product or service would solve?

Research, research, research.

3) How do I get my content in front of these people?

As we said in the first point, I would recommend trying? few avenues such as social media, paid adverts and offline marketing, once you see what works, invest more heavily in this avenue.

4) How is my content performing?

Is imagery working better than video? Are posts with long text out performing posts with just a few words? Are my facebook posts less successful than our Twitter posts?

5) Is anyone talking about my brand or product?

Are people saying good or bad things? Are your campaigns eye-catching enough to make people talk about you?

6) How many people are recommending my product or service?

Recommendations and testimonials are really important for any company,

7) How do I know if my social channels are referring quality leads?

You can setup on your website (or your google analytics) to see where people are coming from to your site so you can track the effectiveness,

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