Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing

Using Snapchat As A Marketing Platform

Using Snapchat As A Marketing Platform

Amongst the variety of social media platforms that are available for businesses, Snapchat is often overlooked. It lacks the gravitas of Facebook, it lacks the post visibility of Twitter, and it lacks the professionalism of LinkedIn. But none of these are reasons to decide that marketing via Snapchat is an endeavour not worth pursuing. As a matter of fact, businesses should be looking at including this as part of their strategy. In this article, we will explain why Snapchat marketing matters.

1.) Huge Popularity

We will start with an obvious upside: Snapchat is very popular, particularly amongst younger people. With 191 million daily views across the world, there is a massive demographic for a business to tap into, especially those that can specify locations, ages and genders to focus upon. This not only makes it easy to attract like-minded customers, but it also makes for an easier learning curve for any staff who are tasked with creating Snapchat content. Not everybody has heard of LinkedIn, and not everybody is active on Twitter, but an awful lot of people have a presence on Snapchat. By opening the door towards putting your organisation on Snapchat, straight away you are increasing your potential for garnering new followers that could lead to new business being generated.

2.) Quick-Fire Messages

Snapchat messages come and go almost instantly, unless the user decides to save the text and/or image. Because of this, businesses utilising Snapchat have to capture user attention very quickly; there is no time to go into a ton of detail, because it is about presenting them with something that stops them suddenly and leaves them fascinated. Ironically, one of the main criticisms of Snapchat that its easy to miss messages because they disappear so quickly might be a positive from a marketing standpoint, because if you can generate an image that has potential customers intrigued, they are more likely to take it upon themselves to find out more about the company, rather than seeing a tweet which explains everything they need to know in 280 characters. The mystique that the quick-fire Snapchat messages provide is vital when it comes to marketing.

3.) Thinking Outside The Box

Because posts come and go so quickly, especially as direct messages to groups of followers, companies have to really think about what they are presenting in order to catch the eye of would-be customers. This allows social media managers within the organisation to have a more creative approach and to try implementing tactics that might otherwise not be used by the business? brand. It could be a light-hearted engagement prospect, it could be some stunning photography, or it could be a publicity stunt with followers participating via the social platform. Whatever the case may be, Snapchat forces the business to think differently, which allows a new strand of the companys personality to be created, which in turn helps to reshape its target audience.

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