Shopify Launch New Centralised Hub For Global Commerce

Shopify Launch New Centralised Hub For Global Commerce

Shopify have recently had another really exciting announcement called Shopify Markets, this is a centralised hub which includes all of the tools that are needed for business owners to manage global commerce.

Merchants are now able to use the new global hub when they are selling outside of their home country.

This was made to help reduce some of the complexities around selling worldwide such as currency conversions, language localisation, local payment methods, and finally duty/import taxes which has always been a complication for online sellers.

Shopify already had some of the capabilities for cross-border commerce for their sellers with international domains and multicurrency, which has helped merchants to generate over $20 billion in cross-border sales last year.

Now, with these new tools, merchants will be able to identify, set up, launch, and optimise international markets using the Shopify Markets solution — all from the one single Shopify store.

The president of Shopify has said “We believe the future of retail is retail everywhere. And with Shopify Markets, we’re making it even easier for merchants—no matter size or budget—to turn their global aspirations into a reality,”

If You Are a Shopify Merchant You Can Use The New Markets To:

* Improve buyer trust (and therefore probably conversion) with a more tailored experience for individual markets
* Easier to enter new global markets
* Save management time with the new central global management platform
* Ability to optimise cross-border operations with new insights and settings

This new Shopify hub is available for early access around the world this week and will be rolled out to all merchants over the coming weeks and months.

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