Search Marketing: Search Term Research

One of our clients have recently asked us to show them a few tools that will help them with their search marketing and in particular their search term research.?Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Enter a search term or terms, and you?ll be shown other keywords related to that term. You can then sort keywords in terms of search volume popularity.

Google Trends: Got some terms in mind and wondering how they?ve been trending, such as becoming more or less popular? Google Trends provides a way to go back in time and chart keywords, based on the accumulated search data that Google sees.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool: Enter a term and get a list of 100 terms related to (and including it), ranked by daily popularity. Data is based on Wordtracker?s search term data?collected from?the Dogpile and Metacrawler meta search engines.Wordtracker?also offers a much more robust fee-based keyword research tool.

Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool: As with Worktracker above, enter a term and get back a list of 100 terms related to and including it. They?ll be ranked by how often they?re searched for each year, rather than each day. Data comes from?a variety?of search engines.?Trellian Keyword Discovery?is fee-based tool hitting the same database and providing more features.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: Taps into the Yahoo tool above and provides links and information to many of the other tools also listed above, so that you can get more information directly from them. A variety of other keyword tools are?also offered.

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