What Is Remarketing And How Can I Use It?

Remarketing is one of the smartest marketing tools on the internet, it is your way to connect with previous visitors to your website who did not make a purchase or enquiry. This permits you to create targeted ads to a very defined audience that have usually shown some interest in what you are doing as they’ve previously visited your website.

The remarketing ads mean that as the suit around the web your advert will be placed in these areas such as on Facebook, these ads can be displayed in either text or image (or both) display styles. You manage these ads in Google AdWords and can be shown on hundreds of websites visited by your target audience that accept Google advertising placements.

Remarketing is a brilliant tactic to use in your marketing system, even more so with long sales processes, that are both considered and competitive. If you can execute this in the correct way it can not only increase traffic as people may re-visit your site but also be a strong tool to enhance conversions and helping to raise the profile of your brand.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing works by attaching cookies to anyone who visits your website, the cookies then gauge whether they meet your set criteria, if they do then their cookie ID is added to your remarketing list. It is possible to have multiple lists with different criteria in each so you can perfectly target certain people with specific ads.

For instance you may want to only target visitors that viewed a certain page or section of your site but didn?t complete the enquiry form.

You are also given a lot of controls over the advertising such as the amount of time that a visitors ID stays in your list, how many ads per day are shown to someone and the power to stop your ads from appearing on certain websites.

After the recent updates the Google remarketing feature now offers you more features and controls. It now allows for more flexibility through their upgraded Google Analytics code. This means that lists can be created and managed without having to place specific code on your site.

Why to use remarketing?

No matter your goal with your remarking campaign whether it is looking to drive sales, increase sign ups or even just raise brand awareness, remarketing can be a strong element of your strategy.

Reach out to prospects when they’re most likely to buy: By having the chance to advertise to people after they’ve visited your site, whether they was searching for a product, or looking for information. Google remarketing provides adverts straight after to drive possible customers back to your site when they are most engaged.

Specific lists to help achieve your advertising goals: Your lists can be customised to reach your advertising goals. One example is you can create a “Registration abandoners” list to display adverts to any visitors who started completing one of your web pages forms but leave the page before the completion of the form.


Large reach: You can easily reach out to prospective clients who are on your lists as they most probably use Google search and therefore browse over 2 million websites / apps that are involved in the Google Display Network.


Ads are easy to create: You can easily create multiple text, image and video ads for free with the Ad gallery. Then if you were to use the dynamic remarketing campaigns you can instead create dynamic ads which link your feed with the Ad gallery layouts, which can more easily switch through your ads with your complete set of services.


What Do I Need To Be Aware Of?

Unlike with other forms of online marketing such as pay per click, there is a minimum amount of cookie (100) ID?s on each remarketing list before it can become active.

To get the most from your campaign it is important to:

  • Ensure that the ad that you create is highly relevant to what you know visitors were looking for on your site. If they was on your kitchen service web page and you advertise your bathroom web page to them, its not relevant.
  • Make sure the ad incorporates a form of enticement to encourage them back to your website, this could be something as simple as a special discounted offer on the service or item they was looking at.

If your main goal is to increase your brand awareness then there are ways to definitely achieve that such as creating a campaign that displays your brand to your list of visitors over a period of days, weeks or even months. As remarketing is a component of Google?s AdWords you are also able to track your results through normal conversion tracking.


Remarketing is a very clever, cost effective and powerful marketing tool that you can use to either grow your brand or increase your number of sales. It is not too difficult to set up, you have a lot of control with your budget and also who you advertise to get the most back from it as possible and to top it all off your results are tracked so you can see what you are doing and how you can improve.

Overall I see this as a very useful tool that any business should consider looking into.

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