Questions to Ask About Your Instagram Content


We have been asked for some quick tips for what content is best for Instagram. How should we decide what to post? What type of content is effective? Who should we be targeting on Instagram and how do we position our business.

We only have a few brief points but hopefully they help you out with your own Facebook post content and curation.

Here is a quick overview:

  1. Selecting an Image
  2. Descriptive hashtags
  3. Appealing Stories

So lets take a look into each of these a bit more in detail.

1) Selecting an Image

Is your image the right type of image for Instagram? Is it right for your audience? Is it right for the message you are trying to send on that post?

2) Descriptive hashtags

First of all, are you going to use hashtags on your post (you probably should be), if you are then are these targeting the right people for your business? Have you researched these hashtags? Will it help to connect your target audience to your page? Are enough people searching for these hashtags?

3) Appealing Stories

If you are posting on Instagram and using their stories feature your post needs to appeal to the viewer, and not just that, but it has to appeal quickly.

If you are anything like me you will literally be clicking through 90% of people’s stories as quickly as you can, so you might have even less than a second to catch someone’s eye. How can you do that? What content can you create that is eye-catching and appealing?

We don’t manage clients day to day social media accounts however we can create content for your social media such as Gifs, videos, banners and much more. If you believe this would benefit you business, let us know and get in touch.

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