Why Print Works Best ALONGSIDE Online Marketing

Many people have spent time arguing that print is better, than online, the other way round, that print is dead and many other theories.However that does not match up with our thought process at Breeze Development. We believe that Print works best alongside online marketing.

A lot of companies have completely ditched the use of any marketing that isn?t online.?However most things that you remember you have seen in print with your own eyes. They have a much longer lasting imprint that an advert online.

Both markets work well together as you can use one to reference the other. Someone will read information on a leaflet or a business card but might feel they want to know a bit more. Therefore they will look for a website about that particular product. And on the other side of the coin, reading something online is fine, but if you are out and about and need a certain piece of information to hand quickly, having a printed leaflet or a business card is much quicker to access that phone number that you require!

Calendars for example are much easier to access as a printed material on your office wall or desk, you can jot down that important date much quicker than online!

We have found that a lot of our customers use both printed and online together to create a good lasting imprint and relationship with their clients.

One thing that we have mentioned before in a number of blogs is to make sure you are tracking your results and spend for any marketing campaign that you complete. It is different for every business, so just because flyers are working great for your friends business does not mean that it will for yourselves, so try as many different online and offline marketing methods as you can, track the results and keep pushing on what does work.

How can you be creative to mix a print and digital campaign together and how would that impress your customers?

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