Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Approach

There are three main processes we go through when implementing your Google Ads campaign:

Google Advertising Agency

Transparent, Flexible & Affordable Marketing As a Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency in Liverpool for Small to Medium companies, we ensure that you can reach potential customers at the start of their online buying journey. By work with our team of experts, we will make sure you consistently stay ahead of the competition by implementing the latest tools, trialling new strategies and measuring data to get results. Google advertising is one of the most powerful platforms in online marketing. It is an auction based system which enables targeted advertisements to be shown in Google results and on other Google approved locations. There are so many benefits of Google Advertising, however the best part is that it means you are able to showcase your business at the right time to the right customers, ones who are searching for you at that time.
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Google Ads also has the ability to target people based on your potential customers’ current and previous online activity.

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Plenty of companies solely focus on Google when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But what about Bing? Bing advertising specialists will tell you that it is equally as important for you to get your content seen by their algorithms and users too.

Bing shopping campaigns (like Google) come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Which means it makes sense that your company should work with someone who also offers a complete Bing PPC management service.

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to UK Bing PPC advertising, then feel free to give us a call or a message and we will give you all the info that you need to make informed decisions.

The Breeze Way

We were created after the frustration of ‘corporate marketing agencies’ with their fancy offices whose costs need to be covered by higher feels for a lack of difference in value.

We do things differently which is why we are led by our three core values, Transparency, Flexibility and Affordability which when combined with our nononsense, no contract, approach to advertising, we’re the right agency for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question.

Again it comes down to where you are now and where you are looking to get to.

However, in our opinion, we recommend a minimum of £500 per platform, per month which is separate to our agency fee.

Do not feel obligated to this, we just believe that provides enough data to get great analysis from.

We will work around you and whatever works best for your business.

We fully understand that marketing can be a bit confusing on where to start and with how much. But that is why we are here to help.

After our initial chat, we will recommend to you the perfect package based on your goals.
So let’s have a call or meeting, get an idea of where you are at now and where you want to be. Then we will go from there

If you come across an agency that does guarantee sales, run the other way.

We have a fantastic track record to which we have consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.

However we and nobody else can guarantee you sales, it depends on your site, budget, product, copywriting and much more.

Which we are happy to run through with you and more importantly we pride ourselves on how long we retain our clients so we do our everything to deliver phenomenal results.

A customer value model is a cool piece of information to work out, it is a data driven representation which requires a number of different statistics such as your average purchase value, purchase frequency rate and the average customer value.

Once we have this data we can work out exactly how much you can afford to pay, per website visitor, per customer.

We really can’t state enough how valuable we believe this to be for your business.

Again this will vary depending on your industry, product, and services selected. It is hard to pinpoint an exact amount of time before you see the maximum value from your marketing.

However the best part of Google Ads vs some other forms of marketing is that you are receiving data instantly.

You can track your clicks, visitors and purchases and from the end of the first few weeks you can already start tailoring your ads and spend to look to continually enhance your results.

In some instances, we have had clients get results within 48 hours of their campaign going live but it really depends on the service you have decided to use.

Please note that most platforms have a learning phase (where the platform’s algorithm learns everything about the campaign) and this can take a couple of days.

We don’t put people into marketing contracts, if you are not happy with your results then you are free to leave whenever you like.

The reason we do this is because we are so confident that you will be happy in the results you get that we won’t try to tie you in for 6/9/12 months