Online Marketing You Can’t Ignore This Year

Online marketing constantly evolves and what might have worked for you in the past might no longer work.

So, what should you focus on as you plan your online marketing strategy for the upcoming year?

Here are seven tips for the rest of 2016.

1.Have a Brand Voice

Your customers aren?t interested in engaging with a generic brand any longer. People want to see a face to the business and some personality that they can relate to. A great example of this is with -T-Mobile and their CEO John Legere. The brand are frequently re-posting his tweets on Twitter therefore giving T-Mobile that personal touch which consumers love and connect with.

2. There Are More Ways To Create Content Than A Blog

Don?t get me wrong, blogs are still a great way to deliver valuable content as well as your brand message to your target audience. They will continue to be a great source of information for prospective clients to read but???.everyone has a blog these days. So, have a think about creating multiple channels of content in order to stand out against your competitors.

Consider creating a YouTube channel or perhaps live streaming. Video content is become more and more popular as well being engaging and free to produce.

3. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile can no longer be a secondary thought. The number of mobile-only adult internet users now exceeds desktop-only Internet users. Your website must be created (or redesigned) with a mobile audience in mind. Everything from the webforms, to the calls-to-action to the content must be easily readable and accessible on any sized screen.

If you are running a PPC campaign, consider a Google AdWords call-only campaign which is a great way to drive phone calls to your business.

4. User Experience & Speed

More so now than ever before it is vital that your website provides a pleasant user experience in both functionality and speed. You have to ensure that your visitors are able to access your information and features on your website as quickly, easily and freely as possible.

People don’t have has time to wait around for pages to load and if the UX is poor, then you can expect your bounce rate to be very, very poor. If you are looking for extra feedback on your user experience, why not use a tool like SurveyMonkey.

Ask them what they like, what they don’t like and what they would change.

5. Influencer Marketing

Using Influencer marketing (through social media) is most certainly one of the most ROI-friendly online marketing methods at the moment. Increasing both your popularity and social reach of various influencers can help to position your products (or service) directly in front of your target market.

This is because the trust that has previously been created between the consumer and the influencer removes the challenges that traditional marketing and advertising will typically face.

6. Use Specific Paid Remarketing.

Remarketing campaigns are becoming more popular each year, pretty much every brand running pay-per-click traffic have or are experimenting with remarketing of some degree. Having helped a fair share of companies with their PPC campaigns this past year and noticing that many of these remarketing campaigns had previously not been as specific as they could have been. As it takes time to really break them down.

If people are viewing a product on your site, you can then, create your remarketing campaign so that an ad featuring that item follows them online and sends them directly to that product if it’s clicked on.

Sending visitors to your home page will massively decrease your conversion rates.

7. Varied Social Media Marketing.

How many platforms are you currently using? Are you advertising on Snapchat or Instagram? How about Pinterest? Are you taking advantage of live streaming?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all still great marketing platforms and will continue to thrive for business owners, but you simply can?t ignore Snapchat and Instagram right now.

No platform will work for every business or industry, however I highly recommend testing with as many of these social networks.

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