North West Twitter Networking Hours

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North West Twitter Networking Hours

If you follow us on Twitter you’ll know we love a good networking hour so with a few requests from our clients we decided to create this blog post to share the best North West Twitter Networking Hours!

What are Twitter Networking Hours?
Networking hours or hashtag tag hours are run on Twitter, you’ll mostly find them based on location or industry – there’s pretty much a networking hour for everything! During the hour you’ll need to use the hashtag in order for your tweets to reach a wider audience and interact with others.

How To Get The Most Of Twitter Networking Hours?
Don’t Forget To Use The Hashtag – each hour will have their own specific hashtag. You’ll need to include the hashtag in your tweets to make sure that others can see your tweets.

Interact & Engage – you get out what you put in, especially true when it comes to twitter networking hours! Sure you can sit back and watch but if you feel comfortable enough start chatting so interact and engage with other businesses during the hours. Don’t forget to thank others for retweeting or liking your content.

Be Consistent – there will be times when you can’t make networking hours but instead of missing out completely don’t be afraid to schedule your tweets in advance using software such as HootSuite.

For more tips on how to use hashtags effectively for your business click here

Our Top North West Twitter Networking Hours

We’ve included the hashtag, time and host of the hour

#northwesthour 3-4pm @northwesthour

#southliverpoolhour 7-8pm @SouthLpoolHour

#sthelenshour 8-9pm @sthelenshour

#cheshirehour 8-9pm @cheshirehour

#crosbynet 9-10pm @crosbynet

#ormskirkhour 8-9pm @ormskirkhour

#seftonhour 9-10pm @seftonhour

#lpoolbizhour 8-9pm @lpoolbizhour

#northwesthour 8-9pm @northwesthour

#southporthour 8.30pm-9.30pm @southporthour

#liverpoolhour 8-9pm @liverpool1hour

#haltonhour 8-9pm @haltonhour

#wirralhour 8-9pm @wirralhour

#manchesterhour 8-9pm @manchester1hour

#northwesthour 9-10pm @northwesthour

#merseyhour 1-2pm @merseyhour