No More Garbage Content

No More Garbage Content

Trust me, I know that writing content for your website, blog or social media can be boring and even worse, it can be hard thinking of what to write. You know that you want to create something that is either enjoyable on informative (or even better both). However you aren’t a writer and never claimed to be….So how do you go about writing?No More Garbage Content.

You have to stop serving garbage to your visitors, and to search engines. Here?s a couple ideas to get you started:

  1. Write stuff that hasn?t been written before. Try something else, or a new spin on your topic.
  2. Be interesting. Put some thought into how the article is put together. Use visuals where it helps.
  3. Hire quality writers to write quality stuff.
  4. Ask your visitors and customers what they?d like to read. Then write it.
  5. Use good line spacing and typography. Place subheads to organize your story and make it easier to scan. A 500-word article vomited onto the page with zero formatting makes it look like you don?t care.
  6. Brainstorm and maintain a list of headlines you can assign to writers.
  7. Assign target topics and phrases to specific pages on your site. Think through how you?ll interlink new content with those pages to build authority.
  8. Integrate content into your site. You probably won?t make much progress if you hang a bunch of lousy articles off your site like some kind of growth. Content has to be in the flow of a normal visitor?s movement through the site.

Hopefully these tips will help you to create fresh and exciting content for your website and blog that will keep your visitors and Google happy, if you are really struggling with your writing why not consider hiring a content marketing company? Here are some tips we have on what to ask When Hiring a Content Marketing Manager.

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