Do I Need A Professional Logo?

Your logo is very important when you are looking at marketing your business. Your logo is the face of your brand / business, it can help you to stand out, make you memorable and differentiates you from competitors.

Your logo can also play a big part in building trust with your potential customers.

Therefore choosing (& having) the right logo can be a difficult job and shouldn?t be rushed. After all, the logo that you choose will probably represent your business for the rest of your time in business so lets get it right.

Professional vs DIY

Many people can design a logo, however it isn’t just anyone who can create a logo which is a part of an impressive brand who are creating a good first impression.

Having only been a start-up business 2 years ago ourselves as well as working with many others, we understand as well as anyone that for a start up it can be tempting to quickly (cheaply) throw something together in Paint however this sends the wrong messages to your potential customers.

The logo stays forever and a professional design team can ensure your brand is professional, recognisable and memorable.

Brand Identity

Your image is pretty much everything in the world of marketing. As we said your logo is the face of your business and is displayed on pretty much everything you create: websites, flyers, t-shirts, invoices, business cards, etc.

Therefore your brand needs to be consistent and portray the right message for your business. As your logo is the core visual of your brand identity it?s vital that all colours, fonts and branded guidelines are followed.

Your Message

When creating your strong brand that gets your message across to prospective customers. Whether it is by using visuals, your name or straplines, it?s crucial that the logo speaks about you so that your market understands your business.


Whether you are a start-up or an established business a logo doesn’t exactly cost an arm or a leg. Your business deserves a mind blowing brand, a brand that will help represent you.

If you?re at the point of starting up your own business and you need help with your branding, give us a call today and we?ll be happy to have a chat with no strings attached!

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