Marketing Principles:

Marketing Principles:

We have been asked for some quick tips for a business owners marketing and some principles to follow when creating that content.

This includes: How should we decide what to post? What type of content is effective? Who should we be targeting on social media and how do we position our business in the market.

We only have a few brief points but hopefully they help you out with your own content and curation.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Engage Clients Thoughts
  3. The Strength of Your Message
  4. Get others to say about you what you can’t say
  5. Measure – keep statistics on what marketing is working.
  6. The power of your attraction is directly proportional to the strength of your reputation.
  7. Know the math

So lets take a look into each of these a bit more in detail.

1) Authenticity – Being who you are is good enough, trying to be someone else will just tired you out. People like and appreciate your story and authenticity, they want to know your story, how you have grown, the challenges that you have or the story behind why you started your company.

2) Engage the thoughts they are already going on in your potential clients mind.

The visitors to your site, the facebook users that see your advert, the person that looks at your leaflet will instantly have thoughts about your business such as how you look, how you come across, your price, etc.

When creating some marketing material it is vitally important to consider exactly what thoughts the image or text will be giving to the customer and equally importantly will it engage the customer to take action.

3) The strength of your message is more important than how you say it.

It is like the famous saying “Done Is Better Than Perfect”, getting your message out there is the most important first step, you can edit your message overtime, you can change text, imagery and the type of marketing that you spend your time/money on. However the most important thing is to create a strong message and start getting it out there.

4) Get others to say about you what you can’t say

Anyone can claim they are the best website developers in the world, the best personal trainer in the UK or whatever you do. However only your customers can make that point so that people start to believe it.

Do great work for your customers and get great testimonials and then let them tell your story, your work ethic and show off your results.

5) Measure

While setting up different marketing campaigns is it important to keep statistics on what marketing is working (and what is not working). If you don’t measure your results you could be throwing away the majority of your money into plans that don’t work for you.

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