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What Is Local SEO?

I guess the best place might be start with what SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimisation. Basically the process of optimising your website to ranking higher on Google, Bing & other search engines.

Local SEO is the task of optimising your companies online presence and rankings for your keywords for your local area.

If your clients can be local to your business then it is really handy to rank highly in your local area and to do that – you need Local SEO!

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How Can Local SEO Help?

We have seen how much local SEO can help small and medium companies to gain visibility online and from that attract more enquiries and customers.

Local SEO has really taken off in the last few years because people on the move are using proximity searches, on their mobiles to help find a specific service or product close to them. Think how many times you may have searched something like “restaurant near me”, “cinema near me” or “personal trainer liverpool”.

This helps your potential customers to find their best, local, businesses.

Your Competitors Are Already Using SEO!

We are competitively known for our Liverpool SEO Services and can assist you throughout all aspects of SEO.

Local Link Building For SEO

One of the tasks that we will be completing as part of the local SEO work we will ensure that your website is featured on all of your local online business directories and citation sites.

This may also include optimising your Google My Business and social profiles (Facebook, Twitter Linkedin and Youtube).

On each of these directories, we will make sure that your ‘NAP’ – Name, Address and Phone number is correctly setup and linked to each site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Loves Local Businesses – Google’s new algorithms have favoured a more local approach of business over potential spam companies.

They have helped smaller companies in this by giving them an increased chance when someone is searching near to them as apposed to just showing the big companies each time

Increase Brand Awareness :
Another benefit of Local SEO is that it can increase your brands awareness.

This could come from more optimised social posts or even backlinks to your website.

The better your brand awareness, the more that your traffic will increase. Although never confirmed by Google it seems that the higher your brand awareness is, then the higher your rankings may be.

SEO Is Always Beneficial With A Huge Payoff Potential :
SEO can take time to truly start paying off, even if we can look for a few quick wins.

On average you will see the biggest increase after around 6 months after starting, however once we have broken through that initial wall your rankings can drastically increase and potentially your businesses revenue can follow.

Quality Backlinks Will Increase Your Social Media Followers & Increase Traffic:
Companies who have quality backlinks from reputable sources have also noted an increase in social media followers, which in turn increased their traffic to their sites and blog.

The better the backlinks that you gather and the more of them you can get, the more followers you will attract. This becomes a cycle.

SEO Pulls In Quality Traffic :
Traffic for traffic sake is pointless. It is not only important to drive traffic to your website but to drive the correct types of traffic.

Good SEO Means Better UX :
The more that your website is optimised the better your ‘UX’ or User Experience will be.

This is because your header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc) will have easier navigation, your website structure will be better and the mobile-friendly experiences will all be improved.

SEO and UX go hand-in-hand when it comes to building a successful business website.

If there are people in your target market who are using Google to search for companies similar to yourself, then your business can benefit from SEO.

By making changes and amending your website with more relevant and up-to-date content, your online visibility can really improve, which in turn will help sales increase.

Market research indicates that on average 60-65% of users click on one of the top three organic search results – when on Google.