Lead Generation Pages – The Benefits of Good Landing Page

Landing Page

In the most simple form, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive on. However, in marketing, it is more commonly known as a single web page separate from your main website which is created for a single focused objective.

Therefore your landing page should not have a navigation bar which links to your primary website. This is because the target of a landing page is 1 single goal, by not having a navigation bar you are limiting the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.

Types of Landing Page

There are generally two basic types of landing pages; Click Through and Lead Generation

Click Through Landing Pages

As the name suggests, the goal of this landing page is to persuade the user to click through to another page. This is used frequently with e-commerce websites, the landing page is used to describe a product to obtain a visitors interest, to get them more comfortable with making a purchasing decision.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead gen web pages are created with the objective of capturing the user’s data, such as a name and email/home number. The motive for capturing this information is that it then allows you to market and connect to the prospect. The lead generation page contains web form alongside a description/video of what you receive for submitting your details.

Some giveaways for Lead Generation Pages:

White paper or ebook

Webinar registration

Free consultation

Discount voucher

Contest entry

Free trial

A physical gift

Notification of a future product launch


1) Know your customer:

We have repeated this section after section and it does not get any less important, what brings your customers to your site, what matters most to them, how much money are they willing to spend, how much info will they give, etc etc.

Before making a landing page make sure you know all of this as this will be the base of what you use on your landing page.

2) Define exactly what you want your user to do:

Now we have established who your customer is, what will bring him to the website and what they expect it is time to show the user exactly what you would like them to do.

So whether your goal is to make the visitor buy, subscribe or even just update some information then you need to make this as clear and concise as possible. People are lazy and impatient, they won’t spend long on your web page, you have to ensure that the information they need is readily available and that it is easy for them to do what you want.

Get to the point – fast

3) Clear and concise headline:

Following on from the last point, people won’t stay around long to work out what the page is about and what they will gain from being on the page. It is up to you to make sure that your headline makes this clear and enticing for the users that ?land? on your web page.

You can’t afford to be ?wishy-washy?, get to the point, why should they be on your page? If you don’t give them a good enough reason I?m sure a competitor happily will.

4) Focussed on 1 product or message:

Your landing page is not just another page of your website, it is designed specifically to target certain people for a certain product/service or from a certain location.

The message and goal for the whole page should be completely focused on fulfilling the needs of that visitor, whether that is answering that important question or selling a certain product or whatever.

For example a photographer may have a landing page designed specifically for wedding photography, aiming to get you to book a with them to be your wedding photographer.

5) Give them what they are looking for:

If your advert claims you have the perfect cleaning product for them and then your landing page starts talking about how to deal with the weeds in your garden then not only are people going to leave straight away but your brand is going to lose credibility and trust.

Make sure your advert matches the style and information on the page. If they expect to be able to book a service on your landing page if they can’t then you are losing business, fast.

6) Have no distractions:

One main priority of your landing page is to remove any distractions from the page like I’ve stressed your only goal from a landing page is to generate leads, you don’t want them to do anything else, so do away with any other possibilities.

Remove elements from your normal website such as your navigation bar, too many images, links that take you to other pages.

See the landing page as a funnel and you are trying to get people to fall down it into your close.

7) Be aware of the fold:

We have already said that your call to action/goal needs to be obvious, however, you also need to position this above ?the fold? ( the portion of the webpage that is visible without scrolling).

Users want a quick, easy way to get things done, having to scroll massively decreases the chance of your CTA being completed and therefore making the landing page ineffective. This means regardless of whether it is a web form, a link or whatever your aim is for the page, it needs to be easily visible and ready at the top of your page.

8) Load Speed :

People are not prepared to wait for 20 seconds for your page to load when the internet is full of different options and companies waiting for the chance to have their business, there isn’t any loyalty to you just because they clicked your link 1st.

If your landing page isn’t loading within about 5 seconds then the majority of the people who have landed on the page will leave before they even see your call to action.

You and your web developer must keep this in mind with the images, videos, javascript and hosting that you choose for the website and landing page.

9) Provide contact details:

One thing that I would keep consistent with the rest of your website even after you move elements such as the navigational bar is your contact details.

Ensure that you are easy to get in contact with and ready to answer any questions, it doesn’t take up too much space to have a phone number in the top corner of your page and an email at the bottom for example.


Landing pages can help you to convert lead more easily than just your basic website, it is targeted and specific to one product or service.

If done correctly this ties in perfectly with your PPC marketing as you can really target a type of customer but this again depends on your knowledge of your prospective clients, see what your competitors are doing and how you can improve on this.

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