If You Don?t Have A Responsive Website Google Will Penalise Your Website Rankings (SEO)

If You Don?t Have A Responsive Website Google Will Penalise Your Website Rankings (Seo)

Over the last few years, Google have been pushing more and more to ensure that all websites are mobile responsive. This is because ?mobile searches have consistently been rising since 2009 and? have now taken over desktop searches in 2018.

Google Announces Mobile First?Indexing

A few months ago (March 26th, 2018 to be exact), Google officially stated that they are now using mobile first indexing, this means that they are indexing sites based more by their mobile version rather than their desktop version.

Google will always look to help the largest number of their users as possible. So as mobile is now providing the highest amount of searches, they will adapt to this and make the mobile websites the standard to go off.

Google has always aimed to help the largest number of searchers possible. So with a powerful mobile search trend, they are forced to adapt to the most popular means of search.

A Non-Mobile Friendly Site Will Hurt My Rankings

Since 2015, Google have been officially rewarding the search engine rankings of mobile responsive websites and penalising websites that are not mobile responsive, this was known by some as ?Mobilegeddon?.

This penalty came because Google dropped their SEO rankings, which resulted in fewer people seeing and clicking on their site.

What Does ?Mobile Friendly? Even?Mean?

The benefits (or punishments) of mobile-friendly sites are clear for all to see, however what does ?Mobile Friendly? actually mean?

According to Google, mobile friendly means that your website:

  • Does not use software which isn?t commonly found on most phones such as Flash.
  • Your website content auto adjusts to all devices so that the visitor doesn?t have to rotate their screen or zoom in.
  • Uses text/font that can be read without having to zoom in.
  • Spreads the website links with a decent distance apart so that its easy to click on the correct link.

What You Can?Do

If you have a site and are looking to see if it is mobile friendly, Google have made this really easy for you by creating their own tool ?Mobile Friendly Test?.? Based on the messages coming from Google, you can clearly see that websites which are not optimised for mobile will see their rankings decrease. On the other hand, business owners who take advantage of mobile-friendly sites will continue to see their rankings increase.

How To Start Responsive Website?

The work needed to make your website mobile-friendly depends on few areas including the level your current website is at.

For the most basic setup level, transforming your current desktop website to mobile includes using existing segments of content from the desktop website and organising them in a mobile-friendly pattern.

How much does it cost to create a mobile friendly website

The quick answer is… it varies!

Going mobile friendly will cost more time and money than a regular desktop only website. In addition to this, if your site is old, a new development company could (and probably will) recommend starting from scratch.

The reason for this is there are new web development techniques that could make your website more efficient after a re-do instead of changes to the current website.

When you are ready to optimise your website for mobile? Feel free to?contact us, we will help you by giving you free advice on your options or we will provide you with a free estimate based on your needs to improve your site and optimise your rankings at the same time!

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If You Don?t Have A Responsive Website Google Will Penalise Your Website Rankings (Seo)

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