How To Use Web-Design To Increase Conversions And Attract New Audience?

How To Use Web-Design To Increase Conversions And Attract New Audience?

Many business owners perceive the design of their site simply as the external shell of an online presence. But in reality, web design has every chance to become a strong marketing tool, but of course, subject to competent implementation and in combination with other methods of influencing users. In this article, we are looking at how to enhance the capabilities of web design to improve conversions and attract new customers.

Analyze Your Audience Once More and Try to Meet Its Expectations

According to the classics of the marketing genre, any action should begin with a preliminary analysis. If you transfer this approach to the plane of web design, it will turn out that you need to look at your site again through the eyes of the target audience before you start to change something. And the psychology of colors in marketing will help you with this.

First of all, you need to build on the colors that your target audience loves. Here is the simplest analogy – women are more susceptible to pink, while men are impressed by black and white colors. After that, you need to choose the colors that best match the values of your business. For example, white and blue colors transmit calm, security, and stability. The colors you need for implementation in web design will be at the junction of preferences of users and your values.

Strive for the Perfect Combination of Minimalism and Usefulness

Maximalism is the trend of modern web design, which however has not lost its strength for several years in a row. Of course, it is reasonable to follow this trend, since it reflects the expectations of users concerning the websites with which they want to work in general. But pursuing minimalist goals, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable balance between a minimum of necessary functions, a minimum of marketing elements, and maximum benefits. It is this combination in web design that makes it possible to increase conversions, retain old users and attract new ones.

Give More Possibilities to Communicate with You

Give More Possibilities to Communicate with You
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It would seem, what is the relationship between the channels of user communication with your business and web design? But in fact, a connection exists. And you need to think through the visualization of these communication methods in the most detailed way – create buttons Contact us and place them in a separate place, plus take into account the psychology of color, as well as putting social sharing buttons and messenger icons in the most convenient place.

This is the case when web design helps to realize the sudden intention to learn more about you, so if the user does not find a convenient way to do this right now, then most likely he will refuse further interaction. And this will mean that you were one step from getting a potential lead and turning it into a client, but you lost this chance because you did not think of the possibility of communicating with you from a design point of view.


Revise Your Lead Capture Forms

It is believed that forms for lead generation are more about marketing than about web design. But in fact, these two concepts are inseparable. Lead forms are exactly as much about marketing as they are about design, and even more so. If your form for lead generation is not visually appealing, it has an obsessive or repulsive design, it is placed in the wrong place – then the marketing goals will not be achieved. And increasing conversion and attracting a new target audience are precisely marketing goals.

Therefore, as you can see, in this case, it all starts with design. Namely, from web design, since the forms of lead generation can be designed as pop-ups with a certain action, as well as permanent website design elements. In both cases, you need to carefully work out the design of each window, determine the purpose of each form, evaluate the attractiveness of your proposal and find the optimal place on the site and the moment when the lead form should be shown to the user. If you did everything right, then you are taking the first step on the road to increasing conversion.

Make Some Localized Versions of Your Website

Localized versions of a site whose content is written in the native language of the target audience is a good way to attract new users. This is achieved through localization of content and SEO, which can be easily done using The Word Point translation service.

Also, in some cases, it is necessary to localize your web design. Since your goal is to attract a new target audience (remember, we started the article with the need to analyze users and determine their expectations), then, in this case, you need to start by analyzing the values and preferences of your new users and review your web design accordingly.

For example, if you want to attract users from Muslim countries, the images of girls in swimsuits on the pages of the site will not work. Such photos do not correspond to the values and mentality of these people, so you need to look for new approaches to design every time, including when you want to attract new flows of foreign customers.

Make Sure Your Web Design Is Mobile-Friendly

The share of mobile traffic continues to grow, and web design continues to be the first element in the formation of the first impression. It is important to take this trend into account and work to ensure that the pages of your site are responsive, and that all design elements maintain integrity when visiting the site from a mobile device.

Also, the mobile version of your site should not be overloaded with unnecessary elements, and the process of user interaction with you should be as simple as possible.

Launch A/B Tests

And finally, all of the above efforts do not make sense if you do not monitor the effectiveness of each of your actions and do not conduct testing. Testing the response of the target audience is what helps you better understand the features of their perception, highlighting behavioral patterns, looking at the client’s path with different eyes, and learning how a particular design element affects conversions (remember the study about the red and green Buy button?)

Therefore, test everything that can be confirmed by testing, evaluate your results and develop new strategies based on them.


Try reconsidering your web design approaches today with the tips above. You will likely see an improvement in the result almost immediately. At the very least, the improved behavioral factors on the site are what you get unequivocally, and the further level of conversion and attracting of new users will depend on whether you can correctly combine design and marketing.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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