How To Use KPIs To Improve Web Content?

How To Use KPIs To Improve Web Content

How To Use KPIs To Improve Web Content?

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are used in businesses across all sectors and sizes for a variety of reasons. From a marketing standpoint, though, KPIs become particularly important for ensuring the best possible chance of a campaign succeeding at meeting its goals. This, in turn, has a positive influence on the business, because it means that people are invested and interested in what the company has to say. And when it comes to content, the impact is even greater, as it demonstrates that visitors to the site were in some way drawn to the language, the tone, the terminology or the general entertainment provided by a company’s output. At the same time, though, KPIs can be used in the opposite manner, in that KPI findings can be used to improve the quality and value of your online content.

The obvious first point to consider is whether you are achieving your KPIs at present via your web content. If the answer is no, then you have some homework to do, but even if the answer is yes, the job is not done. You should try to identify why a particular article or even a photograph captured the audience’s imagination. Did it take a different angle to the rest of your output? Did it describe a situation using humor or by creating a sense of anticipation for the resolution of the story?

If it was an image, did it focus on bright, striking colours? Or was it simply a particularly interesting subject matter that took it from being just another article to the most shared piece of text on your website in months? You should take the time to break down the content that allowed you to reach a particular KPI and to take the elements that helped it to succeed and formulate them as part of your strategy going forward.

We discussed how you should focus on how a particular article or image helped you to reach a KPI, but you should also determine what exactly your KPIs are. It isn’t just about getting views and likes; there should be an action or a series of actions that you are seeking from the customer as a result of the web content. It could be attracting new customers to a special offer, it could be for your unusual article to be highlighted and shared across social media, or it could be to generate leads by virtue of a competition (e.g. “get a friend to sign up to be in with a chance of winning a trip to America”) or a related campaign. By using previous content and previous KPIs and their success rate as a guideline, you should look at what you did the first time and whether you achieved your goals, then look at what you hope to achieve this time, and to then tailor your content based on your initial results to have the best chance of reaching these new KPIs.

The final element to think about is how this web content will be able to boost your sales regardless of whether or not your KPIs are sales-focused. It would be great if your company’s blog became the most requested within your sector and one that Twitter turned to regularly for its trending topics, but that will mean little if nobody engages with your company on a sales front as a result. Think of the process that should take place: a user sees your content and is impressed enough to return for more articles or pictures, but then what? Somewhere along the way, there should be information relating to products or services, emphasising their benefits and why the customer (who is now a regular visitor to your site) really should think about making a purchase, perhaps due to a decreased price.

Including keywords and links that take the user directly to the corresponding product pages would also be helpful. In any event, though, if you recognize that you want to boost sales alongside your other KPIs, then this becomes a continuous KPI to bear in mind whenever you are creating content, and after a while, it should become a routine, especially if you see that your output is having the desired effort. Other KPIs may start and stop, but focusing on increasing sales via your web content is a mind-set that should never end.

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