How To Use Animation For Conversions And Great Customer Experience?

How To Use Animation For Conversions And Great Customer Experience?

As a digital marketing company in Liverpool, at Breeze Development we have seen animation grow in popularity as a video marketing platform. Why? Because animation’s simplistic appeal is enticing to users who want to be shown what’s available to them.

Why Choose Animation In Marketing?

Why choose animation in marketing?

  • Animation is engaging and easy to consume, particularly because it appeals to the limited attention span of web and social media users who don’t want to spend time reading text.
  • Animation is versatile. It can be used for many different purposes. Here are some:
  • For attracting attention
  • To educate
  • For adverts
  • To provide instructional content
  • For explainers
  • To bring infographics to life
  • For guiding users around a website
  • For polls

Different Types Of Animation And When To Use Them

Different types of animation and when to use them

There are several animation types to choose from, depending on your platform and what you want the animation to achieve. Here we explore some types of animation that can be used as part of a marketing strategy.

The Animated Video

Video marketing is huge. YouTube is still the second largest search engine after Google. Video is all over social media. The gradual world domination of TikTok, since it was launched in 2016, has changed our consumption of content so much that even Instagram’s identity as a photo sharing platform is now becoming compromised as users share more and more videos.

Video is more memorable than written text which makes it a great sales tool and contributes to its popularity with marketers. In new data for 2022, Wyzowl states that 94% of marketers say video has helped them increase understanding of a product or service, while 86% say video has helped them generate leads.

Where Does Animated Video Fit In?

Where does animated video fit in?

Animation explains complex concepts within products or services easily. It engages the user making it easier for them to understand the information.

You might use an animated video to demonstrate a product or service or for any of the purposes listed above. The beauty of animated video is that it can be updated more easily and cost-effectively than a live video. This is particularly useful if it’s not bringing in the conversion results you were hoping for.

In providing website design in Liverpool we find that many of our customers find value in using animated videos for explainer content or to make infographics more engaging.

Animated Microinteractions

Animated microinteractions are small moments shared by a user and a website. As a user you probably use these without even realising you are interacting with animation. They’re subtle but hugely effective.

So what are we talking about? Animated microinteractions are functional, guiding you through your journey around a website or when using social media. Think of ‘submit’ buttons, Facebook interactions that express love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger, or uploading progress lines. These are all small animations that we now take for granted and use daily.

The purpose of animated microinteractions is to draw the user’s attention and encourage them to interact in a preferable way. This might be enticing them to subscribe to a newsletter, visiting certain pages or making a purchase. Animated microinteractions can be used to communicate with the user, giving them feedback on how they are using the website or social media post, such as simply saying whether an action has been successful.

Other examples of animated microinteractions are fail screens that say something similar to ‘oops, that didn’t work’, or on ecommerce websites ‘add to cart’ or Autocomplete from Google.

Loading Animations

Similar to holding music on telephone calls, loading animations give users the peace of mind that their request is still in progress. The loading animation will be displayed until the load process is successful. It may include a progress bar to give real time updates on how far along the load process is. Without the loading animation, users might become impatient or think their request hasn’t worked, and click away.

Companies can use loading animations to express their brand identity and personality while engaging with the user. They might make the animation funny or they could use it to provide some additional information.

Content Carousels

Content carousels are an effective way of displaying the information and pages available to users on a website. Usually positioned at the top of web pages they can present as images, links, videos or text that are animated to draw the eye. They’re more effective than static content images at generating conversions and engagement.

The content carousel can be used to push specific products, seasonal sales or promotions. They can be easily changed to display new promotions, and for the user the advantage is that they can make their way through the carousel at their own pace or watch the automated transitions. Alternatively content carousels can also be used lower down web pages for the likes of testimonials.

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