How To Optimise Your YouTube SEO?

How To Optimise Your YouTube SEO?

Tips To Enhance YouTube Numbers

Anyone can produce a video for YouTube, but successful organizations can create engaging and profitable content so that the platform becomes an integral part of the business. However, a video is only as valuable as its viewing numbers, so while you might have great ideas and high-definition recording equipment, it might not make a difference. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial because a strong SEO plan will significantly boost viewing figures. In this article, we will look at how you can optimize your YouTube SEO, thus allowing your video content to start making real waves and, consequently, real money. Before we get to that, though, we also have some general advice for your overall YouTube strategy.

? Research Your Competitors

Research Your Competitors

Take a close look at what your competitors are doing. Check out their videos, noting their frequency and popularity. Think about what they are doing from a visual and audio perspective, whether that means using bright colours, focusing on imagery rather than words, or offering foreign subtitles for international viewers. It is important that your business does not take a copy-and-paste strategy when it comes to video content, because Google ? who bought YouTube back in November 2006 for an astonishing $1.65 billion ?will recognise and flag up duplicated content. It pays to check out what related businesses are succeeding and failing at which can influence the steps you take, but you also cannot just use their ideas. By researching beforehand, you can position yourself as being a step ahead of your nearest rivals, while being unique enough with your ideas and presentation that you are more likely to stand out from an SEO perspective.

? Take Your Time

Take Your Time

It is wise to wait an extra few weeks, or even an extra few months, while you gather all of your information together. Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Consider how you can make your videos engaging and customer-friendly while not straying away from the core values of your company. Make sure that the videos are of the highest possible quality, rather than rush-jobs edited on secondary software. Ensure that you have striking, colourful and eye-catching imagery to use for thumbnails. And think about how often you wish to upload content, because if you are deciding to provide weekly updates, it might be an idea to record several videos in one day and simply schedule them to be published over the course of a month. All of this is important because, once you are out there and you are starting to build an audience, your followers will create their own perception of your work. If you are fully prepared, you?ll have the best chance of achieving strong viewing numbers quickly, rather than producing a lacklustre early batch of clips which can hinder your SEO growth once your team are finally on the right track.

? Utilise Keywords Everywhere

Utilise Keywords Everywhere

Now, we can truly move onto SEO. For a new or growing YouTube channel, you have to consider how potential viewers will be aware of your existence. Chances are they will stumble upon your work by searching for a general term. Therefore, it is vitally important for you to use keywords at every port of call when uploading footage. This includes the title of the video file itself, the title of the video on your YouTube page, the description of the clip and also the tags associated with said material. You are essentially reminding YouTube and Google that your video is related to that specific subject, hammering that point over and over again. If your content has clearly-defined headings, which are self-explanatory and easy to follow (while also ideally being as short as possible), then you are far more likely to be featured within general searches. As an example, if you are providing a tutorial on how to use an iPhone, you need to mention the word ?iPhone? everywhere that is possible, while keeping the word count of your main title to a minimum, as opposed to having a long and confusing title that does not really give potential viewers an insight into what you are talking about.

? Answer Speculative Questions

Answer Speculative Questions

Many users access YouTube for guidance on the likes of DIY, education or even videogame walkthroughs. Oftentimes, their initial inquiry will be in the form of a ?how-to? question. If the name of your video can instantly provide the basis to answer their query, you are far more likely to show up high in subsequent results. Of course, you then have to justify their decision to check out your footage by offering them all of the information that they need during the video, while doing so in an entertaining enough manner that they might return in the future. But SEO is largely about attracting that initial interest and standing out amongst the crowd. By trying to answer questions beforehand and then using your footage to go into the details of an explanation, you have the best opportunity of catching the eyes of new users from an SEO standpoint.

? Categorise Your Content

Categorise Your Content

As pleasing as it is to see your viewing numbers reach three figures, four figures and so on, it will be less of an achievement if your closest competitors are achieving numbers in the six- or even seven-figure region, even when taking into account how well-established they might be. An easy way to make a mark on your core sector is to categorise your video based on the genre it covers, the location it is produced from, and also what target audiences you are looking to attract. By doing this, it is easier for YouTube to define what you do and what messages you are spreading, which means that you can start to gain ground on your rivals.

It takes time to build an effective SEO strategy for YouTube, but once you have done so, your company can begin to establish itself as a must-see channel on the website, thus having a real positive impact on your business in the future. Learn more about YouTube SEO by visiting

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