How To Optimise A Google My Business Page?

How To Optimise A Google My Business Page

Optimising Google My Business

Google My Business is a service provided by the search engine giant that allows potential customers to find your location via its Google Maps service. This is handy for the likes of a supermarket, as well as a digital company who bring in clients to discuss projects. So far, so good, but it gets even better, because a Google My Business page can be tweaked to allow for optimisation that can have a real positive financial impact on your company. How can this be achieved? Let?s take a closer look at how you can optimise a Google My Business Page.

1.) Product Images

A lot of businesses will use their company logo and a snapshot of their office, which is totally fine.  For organisations that are on the ball, however, there is also the opportunity to include some imagery of products. For a company that places a high emphasis on the visual presence of stock, this can be a unique way to grab somebody?s attention. For example, restaurants are known for displaying images of food and drink as a way to appetize potential customers, and because Google must approve images prior to them being published, they will recognise when organisations are making the extra effort with their promotional pictures on their Google My Business profiles. Read more about which images can have the best chances of standing out by visiting our website here.

2.) Special Offers

A key aspect of a Google My Business page is to keep it relevant and timely, which includes it being updated regularly enough for Google to recognise that the company is active. Case in point, a special offer promotion for, say, Black Friday can stand out not only within your profile, but also when Google links this promo artwork to its bank of Images that users would find with a simple search.

Doing this continuously allows the site to recognise your effort and commitment to keeping customers interested in your services, and this will allow you to slowly climb up the rankings for your sector, potentially creating new leads. Even when a major discount is not in place, a simple promotion of a core service or a heads-up for a future offer can keep things ticking over.

3.) User Reviews

We have mentioned how to make the customers happy prior to a purchase, but what about their feelings afterwards? Google My Business includes the option for user reviews, where those that have sampled your services can provide some insight. If you are reputable and reliable, the odds are high that these reviews will be in the top-marks range. If you collect enough of these five-star reviews with customer feedback included, again this will push you higher up page one for any relevant searches, because Google sees that clients are satisfied, adding credibility to your company.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can optimise your Google My Business profile to not only provide detailed information, but to also demonstrate that you are the cream of the crop and worthy of both a customer?s attention and Google?s respect. Find out more on our own website by going to

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