How To Give Effective Feedback To Design Agencies?

How To Give Effective Feedback To Design Agencies?

Breeze Development is a Liverpool website design company. We know that receiving client feedback is a crucial part of the web design process. This isn’t about stroking egos; this is about receiving meaningful feedback that ultimately leads to greater client satisfaction in the shortest amount of time. 

How Good Are You At Giving Your Designer Feedback?

How good are you at giving your designer feedback?

There are different approaches to giving a web design and development company feedback. Maybe you fall into one of these categories:

  • Those who assume the designers of a website design company know best, so just go with it and say nothing
  • Saying nothing achieves nothing. Approached correctly, a designer will always want to know if the client is dissatisfied with their work, and why, so that they can work on it further to deliver what the client wants
  • Those who assume the website design company hasn’t understood the brief so repeat the same guidelines and instructions
  • The brief may not have enough detail, so repeating the same information won’t move the process forward
  • Those who criticise the designer rather than the work
  • We’ll look at this later
  • Those who open up a conversation with the designer to discuss what’s not working, what does work and how to move forward
  • Now you’re talking!


Why Constructive Feedback Is So Important For Designers?

Why constructive feedback is so important for designers?

Good, honest feedback to the website design agency improves the design process and produces great results for you, the client.

Remember that designers are fulfilling a brief, not creating something for themselves. There is no gain for the designer in getting it wrong. They will want to deliver your expectations efficiently as possible, so they need to be clear on what you want.

Here are four clear reasons why constructive feedback is so important for designers and for you:

  • The designer is given the opportunity to better understand your brand 
  • Projects are completed more quickly. The combination of clear expectations and effective feedback will allow your designer to deliver the project in less time
  • You get the end result you’d envisioned
  • A designer’s skillset benefits from constructive feedback that they can take forward to other projects.


How To Give Feedback To Your Web Design Agency?

At Breeze Development we know that web design and development in Liverpool has changed considerably over the last decade. One aspect that has hardly changed, however, is the client/designer relationship. This dynamic is hugely important for delivering beautiful design that meets the brief. 

Here is how you can help your designer to deliver what you need:

Feedback Your Thoughts On The Design Brief Before Work Starts

Once the project requirements have been discussed, ensure that the final brief is exactly what you want. Don’t fall into the trap of not wanting to sound petty, or agreeing to something that you don’t think is right with the fallback that you’ll just see how it looks when it’s done.

Designers are quite hardy characters! They can take some pushbacks, even before the designs are started, if it achieves the expected end results.

The design brief should include visual references so that you can see what the designer is suggesting. You can offer background information on the organisation, its customers and objectives for inclusion in the brief to give the designer additional insight.

A solid design brief can be referred to throughout the process to keep everyone on track.

Consolidate Your Feedback

If more than one stakeholder is involved in signing off the design, consolidate your feedback before sending it to the designer. This ensures less toing and froing and stops differences of opinion from delaying the process. These can be sorted out before briefing the designer.

Critique The Design, Not The Designer

As mentioned above, this can be a common misdemeanour for clients! Focusing on the design and not the person who created it will enable you to be more objective. Thinking of the designer’s feelings and being apologetic about your feedback will be unhelpful, as will personally criticising a designer’s skill!

Provide Clear Reasons Why Something Isn’t Working

Saying you don’t like something and suggesting something else instead doesn’t help the designer to understand why you feel the brief hasn’t been met. Be clear about the problem the design presents rather than coming up with a solution to correct it.

Include Positive Feedback As Well As Negative Feedback

Hopefully it is only some of the design that doesn’t work for you. If this is the case be very clear about what does work and why you like it. This isn’t to make the designer feel better! It is to help them understand what you’re looking for. But positive feedback is always good for the soul! 

Feedback to designers should be a two way conversation. Collaborate wherever possible to achieve the best results.

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