How Much Should You Really Be Investing In Marketing?


For most companies, the biggest focus that they have is on creating a high-quality product or service that will suit the needs of their customers. While this is absolutely the basis for any strong company, simply having a good product isn’t going to get you the flow of customers that you need. In order to really share your goods and services, you need to be prepared to get the attention of your customers, and that all comes down to marketing. In the modern age, marketing is everything. It is the fastest way to grow a business and engage new customers.

Yet somehow, some companies still don’t invest in nearly enough to market their services. While it might seem like a simple website or a basic social media account is enough to do the job, that really isn’t the case. You need a marketing strategy to really drive your business forward, so we are here to discuss how much of an investment you should really be making.

Why is Marketing Important?

Why is Marketing Important?

When it comes to investing for your company, marketing is easily one of the best investments that a company can make. Not only does it give you the opportunity to reach your customers, it is easily one of the best returns on investment that any company will ever see. Making the decision to invest in marketing is always wise because it has the highest chance of returning to you as straight sales.

Major companies know this, which is why they will happily invest millions into advertising campaigns because they can trust that they will make the money back as well as more on top of it. Your company might be small, but marketing is important if you want to see it grow.

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing?

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing?

Based on research from recent years, your company should be investing at least 10% of its budget into marketing. For many companies, this might seem steep, but the reality is that it is the investment that always pays. While you might run into the odd situation where an investment doesn’t pay off, the truth is that a good marketing campaign, even a simple one, will help you to catch the eye of more customers so that you can make more sales more quickly.

A dedication to marketing is a dedication to continue growth that will ultimately benefit your company in the long run. As you continue to grow, continue to invest more into marketing and watch how it continues to pay off!

Marketing as An Investment

Marketing as An Investment

Some companies run into struggles when it comes to budgeting for marketing because they don’t know what they are investing in. Marketing, especially for companies that don’t have a marketing department, can be a foreign concept. You can easily spend time researching a proper marketing strategy, but there are a few common ways to spend a marketing budget. Your company should be spending on a combination of marketing approaches including high-quality graphics, engaging written content, infographics, high-quality images, and even videos or other types of advertisements.

Your budget should be balanced between content creation and methods of sharing. For example, investing in advertisement packages on popular social media sites is an excellent way to boost your brands credibility and get in front of more people. Spending money on things like social media influencers or sponsoring popular events or people is another great way to use your budget to really increase your sales. Take the time, do some research, and find out what is right for your company.


At the end of the day, a good marketing strategy is worth more than it can ever be given credit for. Marketing is how you can take your amazing products or services and make sure that your target audience can find them. It is all about showing new and existing customers that you understand the importance of investing in your company and showing off what you have to offer. No matter what you have planned for your budget, make sure that you invest as much into marketing as you can. You will be glad that you did when you start to see the sales come in!

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