How Important Is A Blog For SEO?

This is our breakdown of the significance of a blog for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Now, we sometimes hear the question “how important is a blog for SEO?” and see a range of different answers depending on sectors. But we prefer to provide one overall perspective that covers any site regardless of size, genre or target audience. And in our opinion, a blog can be very significant indeed for a website’s SEO. Allow us to explain in further detail by focusing on a number of key points relating to the subject.

What A Blog Does?

What A Blog Does

We will begin by reminding you what a blog actually is. So, a blog is an online platform to update followers about recent activities, upcoming projects or current thoughts about relevant topics. Now, from a company’s point of view, this is a chance to keep their customers up-to-speed with the recent goings-on within the organisation. So, why would this not be a good thing for any business, regardless of what services it provides?

Whether it’s a special offer, a new range, a product launch or a government rule change, a blog covers everything. And it’s in one specific area of the site, making it easy for visitors new and old to locate it. Furthermore, it can integrate with LinkedIn for the publishing of said posts, or via Facebook to post extracts from an article. Simply put, a blog is an extremely useful way to educate your customers and potentially attract new clients who express an interest in your organisation. But this is not the only reason why a blog could be important for your website’s SEO.

Staying Ahead Of Competitors

Staying Ahead Of Competitors

This is twofold. First off, you want to publish articles that make you stand out amongst those competing for the same pounds and pennies as you. That could mean highlighting the benefits of a particular product that has the potential to raise the bar within your sector. Or it could mean emphasising why you’re the go-to business for customers seeking services such as yours. Secondly, what if your competitors have a regular blog, and yet your website doesn’t? Even if your company really is the market leader in your region, this could give your rivals an advantage. And when it comes to SEO, it can be the infer details that make all the difference. Especially when it comes to locating new customers that may arrive on your website by way of discovering a blog article. So, don’t take any chances and do everything you can to remain ahead of the competition. That means ensuring that our website has a blog.

Ensuring Strong SEO Rankings

Let’s go back to the significance of SEO. Search engine optimisation is the difference between your website being on top of page one and being at the bottom of page ten. If your website isn’t up to scratch, it will damage your rankings, even if you often receive five-star client ratings. And SEO covers everything from primary keywords to plugin functionality, but it also covers blogs. Now, according to Optin Monster, around 70 million blogs are posted each month from WordPress sites alone. And many sites tend to post between 1 and 5 blogs a month. Now, do you want to be part of the huge group of websites comprising that 70 million? Or do you want to be on the outside looking in, watching other businesses doing something that you’re not?

When looking carefully at those numbers, just imagine how much it could impact a website to not have a blog. And that impact includes dropping in search rankings, especially for customers wanting to read guidance about your sector. So, if you want strong SEO, a blog isn’t the only thing you need, but it’s something that you definitely do need.

Ongoing Activity

Ongoing Activity

Last but not least, not unlike social media, a blog informs would-be customers that you’re still active. Let’s say that you post a blog this week. To new visitors, this recent article means that you’re currently in business. But what if you haven’t posted a blog in three years, or never at all? To the naked eye, or to an unfamiliar visitor, this could be a sign that you’re no longer trading. Furthermore, Google likes to see websites that frequently update articles, even if any new articles have low word counts. So, this is one more reason to support your website having a blog.


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